Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The solution described in the releasenotes did not solve my instability problems. Be sure to take note of that password as you will need it the first time you start the frontend. Next, add yourself and any other users that need MythTV acces to the mythtv group. This list is dependent on the driver version. This results in only the luminance signal being used. Add the command somewhere in the Xorg startup sequence.

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You may see a recommendation elsewhere to add a ppa to apt to allow the installation of the NVidia driver from an Ubuntu repository. The nature of UVD 2. Installing the frontend software will be a little mythbhntu time consuming since apt will have to download and install a very large amount of packages to resolve dependencies.

[mythbuntu] Guide to p in mythtv/mythbuntu with Nvidia

Deinterlacing is performed within the shader hardware, so a more powerful card will be capable of more advanced filters at higher resolutions and framerates. Increased memory bandwidth will also help.

This may also help eliminate sporadic single-frame stuttering glitches e.


Got this to work this weekend on Ubuntu 9. The above list is not a complete list by any means, nfidia lacks mention of the oldest cards MX and so forth which makes the composite video output column somewhat useless.

Comment on this change optional.

One of the blessings of Ubuntu Mythbuntu is that it works out of the box at least until lately. Resolutions supported by the driver depend on the card in use. It makes a new file with a tilde; ie xorg. See this thread for further information.

If vdpau is functioning correctly you should get a result like this. The solution described in the releasenotes did not solve my instability problems. Performance improvements allow dual video stream decoding and Picture-in-Picture mode.

Right click the desktop and choose “Terminal Emulator”. Slim settings worked fine, but playback is choppy on my machine. You can disable this by adding.

Note that this must be done after X starts: However, this can cause problems on some hardware so if X starts getting flaky and crashing, set UseEvents back to false. This page was last modified on 7 Aprilat A hack exists which merges the luminance and chroma signals on the SCART connector which essentially creates a composite signal that the television uses.


See full activity log. Do not list a deinterlacer if testing on progressive content like p.

NVidia Cards

This will make sure that on the next reboot, MythTV comes up by default. Follow any mythtv related documentation for how to configure the frontend itself as its well beyond the scope of this guide. Debian also has packages available to install the driver.

The ‘xvattr’ command can be used to solve the problem:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Next, add yourself and any other users that need MythTV acces to the mythtv group.

If there is still tearing, one more thing you can do If you are nervous about using the terminal to edit, you can use the text editor, gedit. Issue the following command:. This bug affects 5 people. I upgraded to the