No special software is required. One of the first things that I did when setting up the player was test the battery life. The FL is designed to “look like and be worn as” jewelry. I like the idea of being able to carry a large portion of the music stored on my Seagate drive at all times on my player. This means you need the Mpio Manager to upload your music. I believe that this may be because it is programmed to save some space for voice messages and future system additions.

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The FL’s body diyital chrome-plated aluminum with a front panel composed of clear plastic which reveals the player’s colored face. Note the buttons surrounding the face of the player: Yes, I know that it’s hard to tell I have had a theory for some time that my daily use doesn’t really playeer a large digital music player. When worn, this slider will rest against the back of the wearer’s neck. In the center of the front panel is a 0.

MPIO FL300 1GB Necklace MP3 Player Review

Two bars were down by 5pm, and the FL shut off due to the low battery at 7: The only thing that some may not like about this system is that it does not allow the user to create playlists “on the fly”. I would argue that since it is only a 1GB player, its entire contents digita be considered a playlist. My 32″ TV, 2 years old, now.


It seems the project has somewhat fallen asleep, so I will see if they can put the latest snapshot into a release, considering not much more will come out of it soon.

The FL is a very robust player that surprised me with all of its features. As with all my digital toys, the most important combination of features it has is being both small and complete. The FL is designed to “look like and be worn as” jewelry. Let’s say I wanted to arrange the music on my player by genre or by artist, I could create those folders on my computer and they would be transferred tot he FL From its technical specifications, the FG does have an impressive array of functionalities most other similar devices lack.

Kryz’s Mpio FL Page

With that goal in mind, the player comes with an integrated poayer headset. Everything is so shiny I admit that for a short period of time after receiving it, I thought about cursing the FL because I could not figure out how to get the headset off without breaking it, much less get the player to transfer files. Photo courtesy of the MPIO site. This will improve installability I think.

The songs I loaded equal approximately 11 hours worth of music. There are all sorts of other accessories available directly from the MPIO site for those that are interested.


There are 6 preset equalizer modes on the FL Metal casing, mirror-like front, compact, original and functional design; definitely an eye-catcher. Mhsic by Magenium Solutions. They seem to be a little bit on the large side, but for the most lpayer they will stay in place even while exercising.

While the menu wasn’t quite as intuitive as I might have liked, it was very easy to ultimately figure out and master. The whole set-up is actually pretty comfortable. The FL has a voice recorder function which allows the user to record notes as WAV audio files in either high or low quality.

MPIO – Portable Flash and Hard Drive MP3 Players

digihal A list of features:. I’ve also ordered a pack of 4 mAh AAA rechargeable batteries with chargerI don’t want to be stuck without any power, so we’ll see how that works. The body does not flex or creak – it is very solid.

I believe that this may divital because it is programmed to save some space for voice messages and future system additions. So how much music will 1GB hold?

Bear in mind that none of it has to be installed for the player to work.