I’m not sure what you mean, so here’s a couple of questions: The keys are not weighted and feel kind of spongy to me; YMMV. I had to crank the sensitivity in garage band all the way up to make it playable at all. Do not make this mistake. Miller Brand Repeater 2 of 60 reviews for this brand; avg rating: Besides, I can adjust all the settings I might need to within Pianoteq.

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I will get contact with the MidiPlus manufacturer. Read more about our Phrase Repetition test. We have no information on reviews that were never published in the first place. Nov 3, Update Available. Thank you all for helping.

The average ease score for reviewers of this product is 3. If these reviews were created randomly, there would be a And some of the keys didn’t work.

midiplus Garagekey Midi Keyboard Controller General General

I really liked the idea of this keyboard. Read more about the Deleted Reviews test here. So far, the only full-size keyboards I’ve found that fit are the narrow Apple models like the one shown above. After a protracted search, it appeared that there was in fact no Windows support. Dear Adblock Users – We get it. By using our site, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. However, they’re worth it for two reasons: Please log in first to post your question.


West Second Spot [ shipping] Midiplus support Ipad Portable keyboard F37 Garagekey 37MIDI

I garavekey a lot of time trying to find out whether there was some way to get it to work with Windows as advertised. Now, a few months later, I still don’t see the driver available anywhere on the web and in spite of lots of discussions about itso I’m posting it myself as a public service:.

I would like to hear a constant volume when I play the keys.

We didn’t find any days exceeding this threshold. That said, I’m pretty happy with mine gqragekey fact, enough that I got a second one, so I have one in both my at-home office and my at-work office. Read more about our Reviewer Participation test. All of the keys work on the one I received, but as noted elsewhere the velocity response is quite poor although for my use that’s not a problem.

On Midipkus 3,Amazon prohibited incentivized reviewshowever we still test for them since there are still millions in our dataset.


Disable dynamics of MIDI keyboard | MuseScore

I really liked the idea of this keyboard. I bought one for work and one for home.

This is the only controller of this size that has a range of “F” to “F” which puts a middle “C” near the center of the keyboard. Miller Brand Repeater 2 of 60 reviews for this brand; avg rating: CP Take-Back Reviewer 1 deleted review; avg.

In reply to Apparently, the Garagekey… by Jm6stringer.

We didn’t detect any reviews that used language indicating they were incentivized. Just what I want. No information about this in manual. Garxgekey other people know about our tool is much more valuable to us than a few ad impressions. If I receive more emails asking for help, I’ll remove this page.

The feet that are supposed to allow it to set above the keyboard have a tendency to fall out all the time, so unless I glue them in which I might it won’t be sitting over my keyboard anytime haragekey.