But as you said, easier and cheaper with lower HV in and a couple more stages. Hey hanghuutri Have you tried to calculate the different resonant frequencies you get with different work coils? The problem with making my own is that I do not have an LCR meter to measure the inductance of a homemade inductor. October 29, at August 18, at

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Thank you for the feedback, if you would like to, please write about your project and show it on http: Sign up using Facebook.

mazxilli Thought maybe pll but why not skip and go drsstc! Fewer primary turns will give you a bigger output, but also increase primary current and vice versa for more primary turns. A golden rule on those things, is oversize. Hey Dan Do not use high voltage as a weapon or defense system, unless you buy a certified system. September 25, at Do you have a link to a good schematic or can I use yours?

Im not sure how to measure tank current but i will do research on how. Power Circuit Driver Voltage Electricity. Zzvs first version of this driver had two IRFs and a voltage of circa 35V on load, and it worked flawlessly.


Flyback driver #3: ZVS

Hi everybody again, please help me with replacement problem: Hi Mads I did revise the circuits and i found out that the inductor was faulty. Their voltage ratings are plenty enough, and according to the datasheet they are capable of around 10A RMS mazzikli kHz.

May 12, at Vlyback us at http: That all my idea, i hope you will find some use for it. For the inductor is this a suitable one http: January 6, at From my experience I have seen no difference in using a 2n driver, zvs or tl on any of the flyback transformers I have, they all worked fine, so I am not sure what kind of problem you are facing.

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Make your own, its cheaper and can withstand higher current. I have attempted a ion propulsion unit with both a zvs flybck and a flybackand the zvs driver kept on arcing to my other terminal where the kept a nice and steady corona discharge. Perhaps a multi megaohm resistor across the HV output is the safest option. The drive circuit I use is more complex but means no heatsinks needed on the FETs.

Flyback driver #3: ZVS – BOGIN, JR.

Hi Mads and Dylan, I found a cheaper ways of getting a power supply. Any suggestions from anyone is also welcome! They worked for a while until the inductor started to get hot. It is very hard to get it done but if it could be implemented it can guarantee the stability of the flybavk and save a lot of money and effort. Also no mention of RMS current tolerance on that page.


Video of my ZVS driver running on 24v input is uploaded now. July 7, at This will stop things blowing allowing further work. January 13, at I measured the core loss when the transformer is unloaded, the loss is calculated to be huge,around W in my case.

Could you post a link to a schematic, it sounds like you have a short circuit in order for the current to rise that high. After that we got around 10 minutes of runtime. We noticed that the tank mazsilli were bulging noticeably.