But there is a big difference in price. It is a ready made project and you don’t need to install the Capture software itself. Connecting to a Visualiser. Desciption of all this is in the MagicQ manual. This will download the Patch information from Capture to MagicQ. If it is just to see what you do and for training your selve, then within a few weeks the first beta version of the MagicQ visualiser will be available, which is for free and will be delivered with every MagicQ software.

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MagicQ supports transfer of patch and fixture selection information to and from Visualisers. When set to “Output” it will show the same as the upper window.

If the selected Playback is not active then MagicQ will show what would occur if the Playback was activated. You need a license of Wysiwyg magucq use it.

Blue Room technical forum: Magic-Q and WYSIWYG 22 – Blue Room technical forum

In addition to its own free MagicVis visualiser, MagicQ supports connection with other Visualisers via network protocols. Just add a Artnet device and connect the universes. You will wjsiwyg a list of the 64 universes and their current configuration. Only data from the selected Playback is shown.

The information has been great and allowed me to get to a point to ask another question please.


Chapter Using MagicQ with other Visualisers

A cheaper alternative is Capture Polar. The visualiser would be something that can give me a basic idea of what is being programmed wysisyg how it is working. CITP is an open protocol specific to Capture which enables both control of lighting and the transfer of the show patch between MagicQ and Capture.

The simplest mzgicq to connect is using the Art-Net protocol in the same way as you would connect to Art-Net to DMX interfaces — most Visualisers now support it. Note that when receiving patch data from Capture along with fixtures having DMX addresses set in Capture, the channel number must also be set in Capture. Now you need to configure the outputs. Grateful for your help please.

If it is a demo, don’t bother, won’t work! I will give it all a try and see if I can make progress. Note that when using stand alone MagicVis, for both the Output and the Blind Preview to work then the console Output must be set to output over the network using a network protocol such as ArtNet, ACN or Pathport – otherwise the Output will not be shown when Blind Preview is in operation.

Some people like more Wysiwyg, others like more Capture Polar. So I really am at the start and guess what, a problem already. Only the DMX stream sent directly to the Visualiser is affected.


Thanks for your help. My second question is will ‘Capture Polar’ be a better option for visualisation?? But there is a big difference in price.

ChamSys MagicQ User Manual: Enabling Magicq To Output Wysiwyg Data

When MagicVis is running with the 3D view with Output as the source, and a S button is held on the console then MagicVis will change temporarily to show the contents of the Playback rather than the Output. Using MagicQ with other Visualisers. Connecting to a Visualiser. I am on the cast website now and downloading the demo but as yet I have no idea of what the cost is. My name is Mac and I am from Wales. Also, When watching a tutorial for visualisation there is a shortcut on the desktop to open it.

When the selected Playback has multiple steps then MagicQ always shows the next step in the Visualiser. Your information and time and effort is very much appreciated. ESP vision supports ArtNet control. Download Capture exe-demo file and have fun!