Posted on Saturday, February 25, – Posted on Thursday, August 17, – Posted on Friday, February 03, – Before putting on the headphones, place them around your neck and turn the volume down. The device is seen from the computer, however when i Import fils from I tunes it does not accept them Posted on Friday, January 19, –

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After a while battery symbol stops showing the charging progress an indicates charging is required!! Tried removing program, clearing registry and reinstalling but still won’t work.

Help me someone, please!! I use media 9 to transfer. Jim Bay Gold Member Username: Posted on Thursday, December 15, – Posted on Thursday, 2fb 02, – Do it on the computer and it will change it on the MP3 player.

Logik MP3 help!!! –

Here comes the important bit. The hold switch is to stop any of the buttons working while the player is in your pocket or bag; for example, if loigk player is switched off and the hold switch is to the right, the player can’t accidentally switch on and drain your battery. Transferring cd files straight onto your logik mp3 player will not work!!! The technical documentation leaves a lot to be desired but I was able to download and play albums just fine.


2g To erase music files, select Music. After working fine for a few days, I forgot to “safely remove hardware” before unplugging. Page 2 Safety Listening to loud sounds for prolonged periods may permanently damage your hearing.

Logik MP3-128 LCD User Manual

It really bugs me and I cannot find the problem. Posted on Sunday, February 26, – Ryan Challis New member Username: Anybody experienced and solved the same problem please loogik me tonygambler7 hotmail.

I’ve rebooted my computer and tried it in every usb port and still nothing happens!! Posted on Friday, June 09, – No wwe cants understand anything as it seems to be in chinese, Could someone please help? I should have guessed it was cheap by the action on the buttons!

Alsowhen i ligik something it takes 10 seconds,the kp3 is at the bottom of my screen. After three days using the product the Player gives a message ” insufficient power to.

Upgrade the Firmware The firmware in the player can be updated through the Firmware Download utility running on your PC. Posted on Tuesday, June 27, – Doesn’t say anything about downloaded logii versus cd ones. Posted on Saturday, May 27, – Sorry don’t have good news for Logik buyers. Anyone who can help us??????????????


Logik MP3 help!!!

How do I do this? If you know the names of the tracks and the number you can also put that in to help you find the tracks on the MP3 player. Posted on Monday, January 09, – Within minutes Logok had managed to transfer tracks, the first 40 of which actually play.