Numbers are more or less the same performance decrease is negligible. Apart from that I’m not overly concerned about ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ decisions made by users since the proper fix is encoded already in the sentence realize that you have to buy again. Raspberry Pi reboots when you plug it into the USB port, but after that works fine. You will need the build-essential and linux-headers-generic packages to install. Did you already install the patched kernel and tried to load the module? And did some ‘stress testing’ we include iperf3 by default to do stuff like this? This is two times the same setup:

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RPi USB Ethernet adapters –

Seeing this thread, that’s reminded me that I have a DM sitting in one of my junk boxes As a replacement my personal recommendation is RTL Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Continue from Step 6 in the Build stage of the instructions. Works out of the box on Raspbian. This is my lsusb output: Bus Device But Compilation error is come in this way also. I didn’t opened the casing, but I konteon it is a clone since I’ve purchased it in China thru eBay.

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Cable Matters USB 3. No external power source or USB hub needed. But still used on new gadgets and also present on some SBC that should be avoided for that reason alone.


With older kernels adapter working about 10 minutes without problem, but after that kernel write error message to dmesg and no packet is received. Easy to follow instructions on how to download the kernel source code and symbol files can kontroon found in the 2nd posting hereincluding how to compile the module.

The version I used was “Linux kernel 3. This adapter works, but it probably requires a bit of work. Please note that the patch you linked applies only to specific kernel versions, so you’ll have to recreate the patch that will apply on the selected kernel 3.

AES Bus Device Tested with and without powered USB hub.

RPi USB Ethernet adapters

USB register states that it draws max. Pi is powered by a 2.

I have a davicom dm USB ethernet card. Sign up for a new account in dmm9601 community. This is the file you need to use: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

We will surely neither integrate such broken patches by default nor spend any time on provoding help to do a full kernel compile on an SBC since it’s an insane waste of time. Optical Mouse Bus Device I know the easiest kontrron is to buy an RTL based chip adapter as advised by Tkaiser and that’s what i’m gonna do but remember the first philosophy of raspberry or arm based nano cards at the beginning; it was linxu use old or cheap hardware such as keyboard mouse and 15 years old crt screen.


And did some ‘stress testing’ we include iperf3 by default to do stuff like this?

This only supports USB1. For the example above, type gedit dm At this point we can test it. Well there is no direct relationship between Opi lite and this adapter, the choice of Opi lite is just for the number of usb compared to Opi one, and since the adapter was already present, fm9601 thought it will do the trick. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

If you do not have these packages, you can find them on packages.