Loading paper into 1. Clean the exterior panels with a soft, dry cloth. Standard magnification is fixed according to the selected paper size: Tell us what’s missing. Page 72 Appendix CKey Operator InformationWhen you need to call for service, be prepared to provide the followinginformation: Page 32 Selecting the imagedensityUsing Auto Exposure1.

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Iodak are manually loaded on the carrier glass in between cycles. Select and replace the lens. Page 45 Correcting ImageDistortionYou can 3000esv up the scanner-printer to automatically correct any slightimage distortion that occurs during scanning.

Page 44 Changing settingswith the User modeUser mode allows the default values of various functions to be set orchanged as necessary.

Here are just some of the ways it can make you more productive. When the desired setting is displayed, release the keys. Fingerprints, smudges or debrisshould be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Procedures on how to use these features can be found in Chapter 3,Using the Scanner. Clearing the Zoom magnificationWhen the Zoom clr key is held down together with the Shift key formore than one second, the standard magnification is resumed.

Clearing the 300dsv magnification When the Zoom clr key is held down together with the Shift key for more than one second, the standard magnification is resumed.


Cleaning the printerClean the printer at regular intervals. Push the print tray in before opening the upper unit. Optional Accessories Optional accessories are available for the scanner such as different projection lenses, film carriers, and auto retrieval controllers. The size andformat of one frame of film may vary depending on the shootingconditions.

Rear viewConnectors — provides connection points for kofak variousoptions Film Carrier and Controller. If this product becomes inordinately hot or emits smoke, or unusual odor or noise, immediately turn OFF the power switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your Kodak Service Representative.

Page 9 Operating The environmental requirements for operating the system are as follows: This will enable an additional sheets of paper to be held.

Kodak Scanners – Kodak DSV

Select from full, center, or split screen 3000dzv. When the wait indicator goes out, thesystem is ready for printing. Slide out the projection lamp unit. Page 26 Installing theprojection lensTo install a lens with a magnification different from the pre-installedlens. Page 27 Positioning the filmimageThe size koda, markers that correspond to the scanning size aremarked on the screen. Page 3 Caution symbols Do not use flammable sprays, liquids, or gases near this product, as fire could result.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. Select when using positive film.


Choose to print only, scan with PC interface or scan with video interface. If you want to use the Cycle Print Mode, ask your Kodak Representative to make the necessary system setting, then you can perform the following functions.

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Positioning the film The size frame markers that correspond to the scanning size are marked on the screen.

Index Utility Flexible indexing offers as many as 10 fields-text, numeric or date-with up to 32 characters per f. Using the printerTo ensure the best performance of the printer, follow the precautionsbelow: The system cannot determine the polarity of certain types of film.

The points defining the vertical and horizontal area can be selected in any order. Improve your integrity and cost-effectiveness while providing continuous access.

Page 17 2Lamp Illuminance key — manually adjusts the Projection Lampilluminance.