Although this makes the phone look much better, it does not help the consumer to know what the specifications are. The tactile response of the number keys was good, but not so with the red touch keys on the screen, which occasionally missed a touch or two. As far as our opinion goes, we have rarely seen so beautifully designed mobile phone. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The LG Chocolate phone has its real super-strength in the style department, without a doubt. Generally speaking LG makes its first steps in the field of fashion handsets, even taking account of earlier attempts to seem a major player on the fashion market.

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LG KG800 review

Although this makes the phone look much better, it does not help the consumer to know what the specifications are. I didn’t like that the thing wanted me to reboot my computer.

That is how come its price is affected not by the specifications, which are quite moderate, but the stylishness and appearance. Again, it needs no mentioning that you will have to slide the phone open before you can use the camera, since its lens is hidden behind the back cover when the phone is in its closed state.

Kg8000 entire phone is done up in the ceramic black glossy finish, which does retain a few fingerprints, but constant wiping with your shirtsleeves keeps the device shiny. The first was with the introduction of the Nokia all those years ago, when a colour screen phone with polyphonic ringtones was a huge innovation.

LG KG Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

A USB Cable is included with the device, and it was a really simple matter to just plug the phone into k800 computer. There was no mention of voice recognition software.


Anyway, once you slide open the phone, the area around the silver square mentioned lights up into nine glyphs which are touch sensitive, and which we will refer to as the touchpad for the rest of this review in contrast to the keypad with the numbers. However, this is easily forgotten because of the gorgeous looks of the device.

Case images for the Oppo r19 surface. We just received confirmation that the retail price has been set at RM It takes a bit of getting used to, as the confusion is due to most other devices using a thin navigation pad much gista the kg80 square on this device.

I still like it, and rate it very highly as one of the highlights of LK is a technology writer for Tech Journey with background of system and network administrator.

Games There is one game in the phone and it is called the Zoo Zoo Club. But on top of being a stunner, it has the body of a premiership football player nothing Olympicand the brains of reliable-but-dim secretary. I must say that the convoluted interface here was a bit annoying, as you had to bounce around multiple levels of the menu visha a touchpad that tended to respond either too much or too little.

We really do expect that this phone will do well here. I just want to load music into the device. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

LG KG Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.K.

Now, I find that the LG Chocolate phone, also known as the Black Temptation, takes a huge leap of imagination and comes up with something different and exciting. However, the lack of certain features such as an expandable memory may put off the more tech-savvy users.


I dislike your iTunes rubbish for doing that. The screen acts as the viewfinder and shows you the target image rather clearly. India smartphone market the only one to grow in Only time will tell.

However, after the timeout setting has lapsed, then the buttons on the top half switch off and do not activate unless you tap a button on the keypad or on the side of the phone. It is rare to find a phone other than a Nokia or SE which actually responds this quickly to text input. Sometimes, the touch keys would also experience the sticky key phenomenon, where it detects a continuous press-down input and scrolls through the menus in one direction, without any user input.

Anyway, it might have been psychological due to the lack of bounce-back or tactile feedback from the red keys.

In fact, it looks like one of those compacts that ladies carry bista with them to powder their noses. This appears to be purely a talk and text device, so we shall leave it at that. Both the camera and the video here are subject to Zooms of up to 4x. The keys on the top section are lit up in red upon a black background, and that is simply stunning!