This is nothing one eye should ever see. However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet! We really wanted to love this solution. Removing a maximum of the complexity from the gamers face is definitely a plus for stereoscopic viewing. Well, not exactly – but no matter.

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Rewrote the interaction of DX10 games on Nvidia graphics cards to fix various DX10 compatibility issues. Basically, zi3d have to start the shuttering on one PC by playing something in 3D with Nvidia to activate the glassesand then view the 3D on the second PC with the now active Nvidia glasses.

This broad range of compatibility gives them a clear advantage in terms of the potential market and end user options. This blend iz33d hardware and software compatibility make it more attractive than NVIDIA’s offering which only runs on NVIDIA graphics cards, despite the fact that this isn’t exactly necessary from a technological stand point. Simple clip on filters can be uz3d over top of existing eye wear very easily. With iZ3D, polarization is used to selectively adapt the brightness of each color for each pixel in order to build a close approximation of what the left eye should see through its degree lens and what the right eye should see in its 45 degree lens.

I’m talking about the very first Quake!

I downloaded the iZ3D drivers, to test it out on my PC again. The Hz LCD panels aren’t special beyond the fact that that they can actually display a higher refresh rate than 60Hz panels.


I’m quite used to the glossy screen izd3 Apple’s MacBook; the reflectivity of the iZ3D monitor goes beyond what is reasonable.

Users browsing this forum: Added an option in the config file that increases compatibility with some anti-cheat software mechanisms iZ3D confirmed GameGuard, and hopes for similar compatibility with PunkBuster. Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes starts with a white screen.

iZ3D Driver 1.13(5443)

With iZ3D, the images are not different frame to frame if the camera is static, while NVIDIA’s solution will swap back and forth between perspectives constantly. It is up to the iZ3D driver to display the rendered image for the right eye and the rendered image for the left eye, and then use their polarizing LCD panel to determine how much of each pixel from the back screen either eye is supposed to see.

Civilization V, Tom Clancy’s H. For those of you interested in LCD shutter glasses support with iZ3D’s stereoscopic 3D drivers, there is a separate version to download. The active switching could happen right in the monitor rather than on your face so we could keep the passive glasses.

A completely new user interface in the iZ3D Control Center. Hot Pursuit — fixed problem where shadow from objects were covering huge areas. If it doesn’t work maybe there will be an error message.

Stereoscopic 3D Monitor From iZ3D: Passive Glasses and Polarized Screens

Not sure why I even attempted that. The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective. Then goto ‘help’ and click ‘dynamic test’. The experience with iZ3D is not as pleasant. But the bottom line is that we just can’t recommend this product. At best, this ghosting just sort of adds a glow or blur around objects, but at worst it can make it impossible to focus on the stereo image.


You lz3d to have the iz3d-driver set at “enabled” or “enabled by hotkey”. The brightness is iz3dd as well, and when there can be less color distortion there is less color distortion.

All default exceptions are now visible in Control Center Exceptions Sections. Share your thoughts below! NVIDIA has made this very compact, but it is still tough to fit over regular glasses for those who need this. No registered users and 0 guests.

iZ3D – Wikipedia

At GDC we had the opportunity to check out the latest from iZ3D, a company that has been making stereoscopic drivers for quite a while now. The fact that this solution includes passive glasses that don’t require any line of sight with a transmitter and never need to iz3e charged along with the ability to use ATI graphics cards made us really want to like this solution. Sartain is the Director and Worldwide Head of… https: This would mean essentially doing the same thing NVIDIA does but with iz3 rather than blacking out the actual lens itself.