I’ve just bought an IFP and can’t play tracks extracted from a cd. Sorry for my english,I’m from Croatia!! Will this player do that? Audio formats files that iRiver iFP supports. I really only use the FM radio on it Sorry but I don’t know how to install this if you have some other Windows version however the website I listed will have the instructions.

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Please let me know whether buying a product from os series is a good choice or not. When I fill up the last megs or so, often ifp7-00 songs are corrupted and wont play.

SOLVED: I cannot download from my ifp iriver player to – Fixya

That is certain for manager firmware, but I don’t know does it count for the UMS version Yeah, I’ve definitely decided to stay away from the UMS firmware, especially if its not possible to upload recordings onto the PC! Danimal – Thanks for your reply! One thing we couldn’t figure out was how to change bitrates for recording from either input. All i want is to listen to some music!

Bought a IFP and did not fiddle with it due to heavy work commitments and after that, realise that the CD installer doesn’t come with it!!!

Installation is increasing, not required! Problems like the above usually only happen after I’ve messed with the audio-equalizer, where I will turn up all the bass, treble, and other eq settings to the max to get the most volume. Looking to pick up one of these as a birthday gift for someone, and I have a question that none of the review sites addresses.


Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring.

There is still a very, very slight background hiss, but far less than the IFP I had and it’s really not noticeable. My aint that bad, powerful sound for a small thing.

The joystick doesnt work right sometimes. Or even go backward fo the ‘s I like the AA battery factor. In a carefully thought out device, the top end recording response will go up as the bitrate is raised.

Therefore, laid out the American version. For those who are interested, it’s the European model rather than the US one that came from Ebuyer different packaging and loaded with the EU firmware and the firmware version is 1. As Ogg uses variable bit rates, if you encode at 96 then there will be parts that go below, so the player will reject them.

I cannot download from my ifp-700 iriver player to windows vista

Could have found it out by myself, but I’m a little coward, and don’t know what to do when installation or something else fails The new hardware wizard started trying to install it and for some odd reason it failed. As far as Ifl-700 know, the only difference between the EU and US versions is the frequency range of the radio. They tell you to load the defaults and format the flash.


Sorry to bother the people of HA. No I’m not from iRiver.

Iriveer, Today I came across a site which has changed my mind. Pressing down makes it go to a random song and start playing when it should go down a song selection.

IFP-700 Series Specifications

I get spectacular reception. When I used original firmware version, after downloading folders into iRiver, I noticed that files would be out of order example: I follow the Iriver software instructions to extract igiver a CD, but then can’t play.

You cant upload mp3, wav, ogg or asf files from your player to the computer So to prevent that kind of problem I’ve set the screen light to sec and bought Nim-H umw batteries. Joe, It has a great mic. Is this what every one else is getting?