This Hyundai Elantra has 1 million The black iron weight is held to the BlacX by two additional independent screws in addition to the main cover passthrough screws. USB is a hot swap interface. December Review Plans by Big Bang posted 1 day and 5 hours ago, with 16 posts. The Thermaltake BlacX not only puts an excellent idea into action, but it also implements it very well.

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Click on images for a larger view The very first thing that you notice when you do end up opening the case is a big slab of iron counterweight located on the bottom. The Thermaltake BlacX is a very innovative product — it fills in the market niche of providing enthusiasts or even someone at a computer shop a high level of convenience when the user needs to swap and go through multiple hard drives really quickly.

December Review Plans by Big Bang posted 1 day and 5 hours ago, with 16 posts.

The Thermaltake BlacX not only puts an excellent idea into action, but it also implements it very well. For the large black iron weight, it weighs down the Thermaltake BlacX for a lower center of gravity and prevents the vertically docked hard drive from falling over easily. We’ll examine the performance of this chip in combination with our hard disk in just a moment.

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Skip to main content. Testing Methodology – 8: Additionally, it keeps the Thermaltake BlacX securely on the desk — we can see more than just a couple benefits for this implementation. Thermaltake incorporated relatively simple packaging inside the Thermaltake BlacX retail box.


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Christmas break has been on for a week now, and I was walking around my house looking for some jobs that Considering the low demands that this dock will be placing on it is more than powerful enough for its intended task.

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SATA may be an interface that supports hot swap, but in reality, how often is it inix taken advantage of and used for the purpose of hot swapping? A brief, short manual is included as well just in case the user is having problems with the Thermaltake BlacX — while the BlacX is a relatively simple and straightforward product, it never hurts to include a manual, and we definitely appreciate Thermaltake for including one inside.

Weekly Poll If a company website does not offer instant quotes, are you unic likely to do business with them? USB is a hot swap interface.


Hard drive recovery software. Any sharp object that somehow broke through the bottom of the plastic case would easily be stopped from doing damage to the internal PCB by the steel plate.

Click on images for a larger view. This Hyundai Elantra has 1 million Four standoffs are placed at the bottom of the Thermaltake BlacX, along with two screws to allow easily disassembly of the product. Intel Core 2 Duo E 2. Notice how the LEDs are placed. Tagan TurboJet W Video: Trump may use executive order to ban Huawei, ZTE purchases. New laptop recommendations by chconline posted 1 day and 3 hours ago, with 5 posts. Got lots of SATA drives lying around?


More than often, it’s no more than just an array of disks residing inside our computers that ends up rarely moved. Indonesia unblocks Tumblr following its ban on adult content.

Researchers Show Parachutes Don’t Work, These capacitors are rated for c and there are 2 large and 2 small caps running the length of one side of the PCB. A small piece of cardboard partitions the interior of the box; where the Thermaltake BlacX unit itself is in one section, while accessories are located at the bottom. As far as I’m concerned, there’s one product in the market that has gained immense popularity and tons of internet hype that allows you to quickly swap internal SATA hard drives without ripping anything apart to get the job done.

I found that the power button located at the back to be quite odd, because for convenience purposes a well placed button in front would probably be more convenient and can be done without being easily pressed by accident.

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