Ever so slightly, but noticeable. The menu option should just use an ellipse in place of the word “Index” to indicate there are more options for that category. But we were also able to “erase” the finger print by gently polishing it away. That firmware can calibrate the printer automatically when you change cartridges, plus print and read a proof sheet to automatically print images from your storage card, among other things. Installing the Cartridges Of course, that’s what manuals are for.

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They have to dry. For years we’ve recommended printing black and white images in color.

Digital Imaging Printer Review: Hewlett-Packard Photosmart Printer

In contrast, the printer was swaddled in adhesive wraps and tape and foam to protect it from scratches and more serious damage. Together, according the Whilhelm tests from Juneprints made using this media on this printer will last 73 years.

Three-Ink Cartridge Business end only The ink cartridges, for example, contain more than one color ink, photto example. A few things were missing like a power cord and the cartridge cover to keep a partially used cartridge from drying out that should be included in the retail version. HP Photosmart – printer – color – ink-jet qaac4. The whole point of the U-turn paper path is to take up less desk space. Every so often, even during printing, an inkjet nozzle will clog.


Whether you like your monocolor images warm or cool, you can manipulate a quadtone to do what you want. Then it makes a U-turn, righting itself as it comes under the print heads. Built-in Card Reader And second USB port right The proof sheet lets you identify individual images to be print, print up to three sets of prints and indicate the size 4×6 and some ganged layouts on 8. The features drop-on-demand thermal inkjet printing up to dpi dpi black using two USB ports and four memory card slots.

Not a pretty sight. Dyes are brighter and more colorful than pigments which sometimes wrap themselves in a dye for just that reason. We did only once, in a highlight of our very first print. But since the advent of photo quality inkjets, anyone can photossmart them. We did save table space.

HP Photosmart 7960 – printer – color – ink-jet Series

And we did, especially at the beginning, before we remembered to levitate the prints using our magic powers. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car.

Other valuable feature is its ability to print directly from memory cards. Matching sets are theoretically superior, but may not be so in practice. We didn’t get a retail version of the printer, but one that’s been packaged for lowly reviewers. And they also include print heads. You can enhance images and even remove red-eye. However, cartridge cradle got stuck and while trying to fix it, I messed it up.


We learned long ago not to touch inkjet prints fresh out of the printer. Let’s take a look. So which printer do you buy? So a color cartidge with cyan, magenta and yellow might still have cyan and magenta when it runs out of yellow, wasting ink. That’s where you determine whether you’re printing borderless or not. I have been using this exact same printer for years and when the one that I had went down I was sure glad to find a brand new one for sale on ebay.

It has 2 photo printer cartridges. Printing Grayscale Less aggravating but still confusing is the Page Size menu.

The stacking layer is composed of very small plastic beads that prevent ink on the previously printed photo from offsetting onto the back of the newer print.