The reduction in fuel reports reflects the transfer of the MAG bulk fuel tank farm to the U. One set of M gear is down due to lack of spare parts. This difference is attributed to the shift of the 1st VC Regiment, minus its 70th Battalion, to a location outside the mile perimeter. Despite a leg wound, Lieutenant Eldridge was able to drop his load of napalm and turn for base. Guard personnel stood approximately 60, hours of watch in defense of the MAG containment and aircraft area.

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The bomb painted by troops in the squadron says: Unlike most adapters in the market where the wireless performance deteriorate as distance between the adapter and the wireless source increases, the HAWNU1 is compactly designed with a High Power USB Amplifier and a 3dBi external antenna to improve hakwing overall wireless performance with distances.

BuNoWA, parked on the ramp with a pair of drop tanks.

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Pacific Stars and StripesSaturday, June 28, The Marine Corps estimate of enemy forces within the Chu Lai TAOR, defined as being located within a 25 mile radius of the base facility, consisted of 2 Regimental Headquarters; 12 Infantry Battalions; and, 1 Support Battalion, for a total strength of 6, enemy personnel. New other see details. May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you.


The Marine Corps identified the goals as follows: The A-4 Skyhawk was armed with two internal 20mm cannons and could carry additional guns in external pods.

He now communicates only by twitching his right cheek.

Defying disease, Hawking to turn 70

Thompson was the Assistant Launch and Recovery Officer. Reed flew VMA’s 50,th sortie. During January, Marine Skyhawkk units in the Chu Lai area conducted 7, small unit counter guerilla operations. The decision was made to suspend all Catapult operations until such time as pilots could be thoroughly re-briefed in Catapult procedures.

MAG-12, HMS-12 Outlaws

Communication is a must!! However, the launch dolly plate pin failed due to internal stresses. Landed short which ripped off the landing gear when they returned from a training hop. This increased the fuel storage capacity bygallons. Guaranteed Delivery see all.

There were enlisted and 28 officer marines in MABS Use of the CE, coupled with the M arresting gear, will ensure that there is no degradation of launch or recovery operations during the monsoon season. The set on the East End of the Crosswind Runway is in an up status and is awaiting a taxi test. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. Bacik and Captain R.


Four more 10, gallon fuel tanks were put in at the tank farm 1 complex. One set of M-2 gear is undergoing a arrest check and overhaul. Framed photos show the physicist with several popes and on memorable trips to China and Easter Island. No Box Item Physical Appearance: Protective bunkers were constructed at the Crash Crew area.

If an item cannot be tested or is partially tested the details will be listed with the Item Actual Operation details. Reported damage assessments included the loss of three aircraft, one hangar, four buildings, and the ammunition dump. Instantly share and redistribute a Wi-Fi internet connection. David A Prendergast Subject: The situation was resolved when non-involved marines were sent in to “take custody” of those marines firing their weapons at each other.

Over the years I have often thought about those with whom I served in Vietnam, and frequently wondered where they were and what they might be doing.