I bought Reaper and now all my vst works like a charm with midi aftertouch for the drum. The following Line 6 devices are affected: It wouldn’t interface to any of the other audio software I have either. Once we get a track together and want to put it on cd, I assume cubase will export the whole track including drums? There is alot I like about it but it just doesn’t seem to like working on my Dell Inspiron laptop. Play something on your guitar and make sure your signal level is acceptable. Originally Posted by jiffy Well, its recording but when I play it back I can hardly hear it, cranking the volume up doesn’t help.

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Is there any guidance you could give me on this?

Using “Guitar Port” as DI for “Guitar Rig” | NI Community Forum

Get ASIO multi-client from here or here they are different, you might want to try both. The best solution available is the one suggested by Rob’s answer. TheNoizeDec 8, If you had asi my thread on installing Double Desktop, things would be much simpler working with the two programs open.

Sign up using Email and Password. Their ASIO driver just works perfectly.


The wet signal and dry signal can now be recorded in parallel and Ableton and the dry signal can later be re-amped using Gearbox or any other modeling program such as Amp2, GR2, Revalver, etc. What I found is that many audio interface manufacturers have a multi client built in in their ASIO drivers, so look for those specific interfaces if you want an easy solution.

Yeah, the Rig Kontrol is essentially worthless.

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C’mon don’t be a sucker. Only very few ASIO drivers support true multiple application access. After installation you should be able to use your interface with more than one program. Send a private message to guitarpot.

I’ll probably post this over at the Line 6 forum as well. Huitarport think I know where is the issue. In the Sound, video, and game controller list, GuitarPort shouldn’t have a yellow or red icon next to it.

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Right click on it and click Disable or uninstall if you choose to. I needn’t standalone versions anymore. I’ve never been able to get it to work any other way and right now I can’t even get it to do that.


Line 6 Guitar Port – Reviews Line 6 GuitarPort XT – Audiofanzine

Here’s what I’m doing: I’ll report back after I try the re-install. How to install a Line6 Guitar Port and the toneport With a very big big thanks to Grabner for providing the drivers for something that seems to. It works, then one gitarport everything is just screwed up for seemingly no reason. The last statement in the quote is exactly what I’m doing and also monitoring the project as I record into it through the GuitarPort interface to my speaker.

Great answers already… BTW, I couldn’t use the link to your webpage on your profile – are you also at johndunlapmusic.

There is a whole raft of fx and pre-sets and you can save your own. When the settings box appears, set your Bit depth 24 or 16Samplerate or What do you think?

The left side will be the dry signal, the right side will be the TonePort effected signal. Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets.