I am dealing with configuring an Oracle datasource here, but the instructions should work similarly on other databases. October 12, 2. Configuring the Oracle 11 database as a JDBC resource for the perk-olator application involves the following tasks:. The logging utility provides nine levels of logging control over the amount and detail of the log output. Sign up using Email and Password. OracleDataSource which is the default or oracle.

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DataSource Please check the server. EclipseLink logging properties let you specify the level of logging and whether the log output goes to a file or standard output.

How to setup a JDBC connection in Glassfish

For information about monitoring the application from the command line, see “Administering the Monitoring Service” in Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Guideat:. Aryan on July 23, By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. To configure the output to be logged to a file, set the property eclipselink. In case of Oracle, the Glassfish Administration Guide asks for the ojdbc I now have a wonderful set up for java programming.


The JNDI path to where this data source is bound. This support is provided by the org. Monitor the Application GlassFish Server provides a monitoring service to track the health and performance of oraclw application.

For Oracle Database, see http: You have now a connection pool called MyDatabase. Create a connection pool with the following properties: James, I was getting the same problem.

Because the logging utility is based on java. E Pitt on August 17, Be sure that you Glassfish server asd stopped before going on.

Configuring a (Oracle) datasource on Glassfish – AMIS Oracle and Java Blog

The JAR file for the Oracle 11 database driver is ojdbc6dms. In common task panel left side of glass fish console you’ll find JDBC. Please note that many database vendors are specified in the list, but for most of them the database drivers are missing!

Be the first to comment. After fumbling around for a few minutes searching gladsfish an example Glassfisn gave up and figured it out on my own. Select the node for the cluster and on its General Information page, click the Instances tab.

If you are using the microsoft driver, you need to use sqljdbc4. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This blog will tell you how I did it.


java – How to configure oracle thin connectionpool in glassfish server? – Stack Overflow

October 12, 0. Now we will create the JDBC resource that will give access to our connection pool from our programs.

Oracle GlassFish Server 3. So, I will directly create a database and two tables in this database: Start Glassfish and acd to the admin console with the credentials you defined at installation: Use the create-jdbc-connection-pool 1 subcommand to create the JDBC connection pool, specifying the database connectivity values provided to you.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Several of the values you enter in the file must match the values you chose when you defined the cluster, connection, and connection pool properties in GlassFish Server, as follows:. Bertan on June 5,