When querying the Space class, the class package is stripped and only the class name is used. Future versions will resolve this inconsistency. For your reference, the original is [available here http: Porting existing JDBC code to the space is certainly doable but would require some level of adaptation depending on the specifics of the case and the complexity of the SQL queries and – for legacy applications – may still be easier then porting existing code to leverage the Space technology directly. In this case you avoid remote calls when interacting with the space since the data load done from within the space. The space maintains additional data for indexed attributes, which shortens the time required to determine a match resulting in improved performance.

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Loading data into the space can be done in the following modes: Async persistency via option 3 or option 4 – aka Mirror Service The suggested way is to use option 5. This join uses the share nothing approach. This would not affect the application performance in great deal as long as your database configured to jdb with batch operations.

The latest stable version is All Basic SQL statements: To recover your account, please follow these instructions. Hi, Can somebody answer this? You can also perform a bulk read with templates.


This approach scales very well once the space have multiple partitions avoiding the need to retrieve the actual space objects from the space to evaluate the query.

In this example, we are writing an object to the space with zero delay, 10 seconds to live and write only if the object does not already exist in the space. Please sign in tags users badges jxbc. If not provided, the default configuration is used.

In this case the persistency done in sync mode. When using the embedded loader – the ExternalDataSource interface should be implemented with its initialLoad method to return an implementation of the com.

Example: JDBC Hello World – Gigaspaces XAP forum

The SQL query support is provided in two flavors: It is possible to write a POJO to the space and read it back as a document, and vice versa. On every partitions there are my services. Powered by Askbot version 0. Each partition loads the build table from the entire cluster and giyaspaces it in memory.

SQL Driver

In some cases when querying the space for objects only specific jcbc of an objects are required and not the entire object delta read. Future versions will resolve this inconsistency. You should deploy the ExternalDataSource implementation to each space.

We are gradually enhancing the support within the Space to support more SQL commands. With the space, I jdbv also some Services. You may use as part of the JDBC select statement nested fields.


SQL Client

With the following change operation example it is not necessary to read the object first from the space to update it. The take operation returns an object and removes it from the space. This will make sure the database activity would not increase the rego log size within the space to store large amount of space events that will cause slow space performance space send its activities in async mode to the database via the mirror.

When running partitioned space, data is partitioned based on the routing field hash code value into the relevant space.

In this case you perform remote operations both when interacting with the space and the database. Options suggested for applications that can tolerate slow performance when performing destructive operations writeupdatetake. The logging granularity can be set using the JDBC url parameter.

This operation can vastly improve performance when you have an object with many attributes and you only need to update one or a couple of attributes. Please sign in tags users badges help. You can get it using GigaSpace.