Click here to see more Good news! There seems to be conflicting info with some places stating that this MID will have Wifi via an external Windows is not, and should not be a consideration for any computer any more IMHO. Has anyone tried to use and nlited xp version on the aigo? HP Mini netbook revealed, reviewed Runcore 1. Oggi finalmente si conoscono le specifiche e i prezzi.

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Joao yep, the bios update is needed, everything else done the same as on aigo OQO had no competition in their offering to pro-mobile users. Can someone shed some light on this? There is also a new xp bios as well as USB port drivers to connect to another pc and transfer files.

Far more capable than smartphones for internet and productivity work. Missing Windows Gigagyte Maker on Windows 7? Seriously though, if you used this as your primary work device, your job must be pathetically easy.

Or will it not support USA 3G at all? For the 20 or so thousand people that wanted pocketable productivity on a desktop OS, price was probably no issue.


Gigabyte M528 MID Update: Official pricing and availability info.

If I want the internet on a tiny screen and the ability to make a phone call, I have that on my Sprint Mogul. Gifabyte 3G bands will it do? Bigger ones to follow What if anything am I missing? New MIDs at Computex. Posted on 12 June by Chippy.

Gigabyte M MID gets $ US pricing (£ UK) – SlashGear

What’s the best Intel ultra-mobile CPU? What is gitabyte unfortunate is that they only have a micro-SD slot instead of a full SD one.

Still missing wifi and chipset drivers, but I just got news that they are coming soon! Intel Atom only for small laptops, netbooks?

Anyway I just think that MIDs are a great product, imho much more interesting then netbooks, I really love them and it would be a pity if they will have a short future due to of high prices… I hope to be wrong.

What is the largest available micro-SD card todate? Personally I think MID are going on the wrong way. Latest products in our mobile pc database. This is just nuts. Handwriting, annotations and more, with ease. Has anyone tried to use and nlited xp version on the aigo? I wasnt refering directly to your email.


Gigabyte M528 MID gets pricing, availability details

Could i have the link for the 3g xp drivers please? HP Chromebook 11 G3. Granted, the N does not have direct cell capabilities. I currently have a Nokia N and while I love it for what it is, its old tech now. Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops.

HP Mini netbook revealed, reviewed Runcore 1. XP installs on the first drive and puts pagefile on second drive, not leaving much space for apps Aspire One Now in German sales channels. I stumbled upon this device when researching a GPS replacement.

Sorry if it seemed that way.