Slow to find sats, slow to build routes further than 5 miles. In navigational use, slowdowns only occur when doing searches or changing the map zoom. You can choose to ask the GPS to take you to one of your contacts and home again, or choose multiple destinations. This comes into play more with the GPS portion. Close the flip, and it turns the GPS off, easy as could be asked. Correct proximity alerts to be displayed only when enabled through the settings page.

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All contents of the iQue M3 will be lost during the update.

Creating Meeting Requests Customizing Your Ique M3 Show More Show Less. Correct subcategory display of Parking within Auto Services, when available.

Garmin iQue M3 Review

Push a switch to release the antenna, the gps turns on and the software pops up you can disable the autolaunch of the supplied software to use other third party software iqus you wish. This is further split between program memory and Storage memory, leaving roughly 23 MB available for each. Garmin will not be offering an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.


Unlike its more expensive sibling, the M5, the M3 has no built-in wireless capabilities. Synchronizing With An Exchange Server Skip to main content. Find A Restaurant The internal antenna is ok but will become intermittent in high buildings, cloudy skies and stormy weather.

Garmin iQue M3 – Win Mobile Manuals

Caring For The Ique M3 Synchronizing Remotely With Infrared Correct route recalculation operation when ‘Prompted’ option is selected via Settings page.

The technical specifications of the Garmin iQue M3 is available on their website, so I won’t bother you with that. Route To Home Choosing When To Synchronize These integrated units as well as dedicated pdas in general have pretty much fallen to the wayside.

At today’s prices, I would highly recommend the M3. Purchase a quality, high gain remote antenna. With a lock on four satellite signals, a receiver can calculate its location in three dimensions: Old er technology still provides fun The Garmin iQue M3 is my first pda that has an integrated gps unit. Being designed for in-car navigation, the M3 comes with a wonderfully loud internal speaker for shouting directions over the noise of engines, people, or what have you.


The top system bar now includes a GPS satellite icon to indicate whether the reciever is on or off, and whether or not it has a lock. Backing Up Files And Settings Correct a rare lockup when doing a long Point of Interest Food, Hotels The most striking thing about having a gps unit that is integrated into a pda is-you guessed it-the seamlessness in which the gps functions blend into the standard pda functions.

In an aesthetic sense, the M3 is bland. Design and Construction In an aesthetic sense, the M3 is bland.

The end result is that a GPS Enabled device such as the M3 can locate your exact position on the planet to less than 9. This comes into play more with the GPS portion.

Probably not as a stand-alone would fit the bill much better in terms of ease of use. Input Modes In Word View Recent Finds More items related to this product.