The G6 Team informed me that the 2. Therefor not too long ago the SuperCard team rereleased their product with a new packaging and new PCB design. The GUI has a touch interface g6d is skinnable. The second is that the G6DS team promised “the highest download-play compatibility” as opposed to perfect download play compat.. Back to patching on the card itself; not every application or game will work with every setting and this is something you will have to find out for yourself. We do not take any responsibilities for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal.

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Writer consistent with a previous use, plug and play, in the XP system g6sd by default to U disk, without any exterior drive, the system automatically installs and identifies and saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble. When it comes to official games support the G6 reigns supreme. Within the menu, you can click X eeal swap screens, and you can click Y to change the brightness level.

Second, Tip [1] F card inserted in the card reader, card reader plugged into the computer, the computer will recognize a removable disk.

DS Fire Link® F-Card NDS «

Once in the game-info screen you must set the cheat file from which you want the G6 unit to load it’s cheats. Cars thanks to the G6 Team who sent me a sample. Another thing that I find worth mentioning is that if you leave your DS untouched for a few minutes the backlights on the screens will turn off.


I rfal however sorry to say that this is something which I have been unable to use.

As for the “patching” options both units are capable to run games unaltered, patched-on-card for things like g66ds game reset”, cheats, slowmotion.

In that screen you can see the game’s icon and the filename sadly still not the header information. You have to open the pull down menu “my card” and select the homebrew there in order for it to be started correctly.

We do not take any responsibilities for any use outside b6ds these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal. Brightness adjustment within GUI.


Save game is automatic. Can be used to boot older slot 2 flashcarts or play GBA games.

As for the carry case and USB extention cad, both are quite nice and of proper quality and are nice goodies. It allows you to set the save size manually.

This Mode is designed for future functions. The plastic pin separators help guide the connections. Now that isn’t as nice as autopatching but it is better then no FAT support at all. When you open up the folder which is held together with a sticker you will find: In terms of compatibility, the G6DS Real excels. The soft reset pretty much worked with every game I tried. That and the fact that the SuperCard team has not made any claim in regard to download-play compatibility I will therefor not cover download-play compatibility as I know both units have highly varied results and seem to match each other closely.


Although these things are promised driter the G6 team both are not available yet. Slot2 card directly from the burning, easy to use; good compatibility, support a lot of games of Download Play feature.

Standard FAT system support. Also the save file size of an unknown game is not detected by the SC-DS one but will have to be set by hand. On the top of the linker is a blue LED. Like all other Slot-1 flash carts, it is exactly the same size of that of the Nintendo DS cartridges. Mar 4, Switzerland. Item was shipped in a regular envelope so the packaging got squashed during transit.

I’ll cover the taskbar now as it includes all features the hotkeys have to offer aswell. Although I normally writeer write about Moonshell, in this case I will make an exception. It also supports eBook and Picture Viewers. Copying of files is a simple drag and drop process.