Actually I don’t have dazzle running. Is this scale going to be supported? Shouldn’t the weight come thru from SEOM? The description for the ScaleType system parameter will detail what scales and interfaces are supported. Make and model of scale for weighing packages.

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I had to replace the hard drive of our packing desk computer. How difficult is it to add another scale to work with OM? Support call needed to review the scale’s USB identifiers If not, an upgrade to a later release would be necessary.

Thanks, The above was posted over four months ago. If scale is set up in High Resolution mode, the weight is passed to the Order Manager as a decimal value with a unit measurement of “lb” or “kg”.

A Google on the scale model does not turn up any docs. Keep in mind that not all scales listed in our application are supported for both methods. Thank tekgems for the response.

In fact its not even currently ew7500u on this particular pc long story Reply author: I can usually add support for a scale in about an hour provided I don’t have to research the details above myself. That would obviously simplify es75000u troubleshooting but I dunno how to interrogate it and I haven’t found anything in the scales owners manual that would help.


Enducia you are running the latest release of the Order Manager v5. Hey Kevin this is a USB connected scale and I’m running XP pro the parameters allow entry of portsI’ve tried to get a weight in the packing screens using all 4 with nothing coming back.

Thanks Barney for the rapid reply! If the scale was the last item plugged in, it will be the last item in the list Likely it will not be identified with the name of the scale should say something like Generic Human Interface Device. SEOM parses the weight, performs the appropriate conversions and returns total eneicia in pounds.

The Order Manager will return ee7500u decimal value representing the total pounds i. A minor change was made to the USB System for Windows Vista which may have an impact No changes have been made to the serial port code – I would have you verify that the scale responds properly in HyperTerminal to the following serial settings: Try closing Dazzle and see if that helps.

If they were not returned – we got billed.

Maybe I’m just overlooking the info. I need a scale that will weigh a little more than yours though. G o to Top.


Shipping Scale Setup

UPS WorldShip should also have a list of supported scales in the setup area. That would obviously simplify my troubleshooting but I dunno how to interrogate it and I haven’t found anything in the scales owners manual that would help Reply author: No, it does not work with our version 5. Stone Edge, can you use these?

Is that enough to go on, or do I need to dig deeper? Has anyone got the 25 lb stamps. In either configuration, Endiia will send the following:. I would think that PS60 and PS30 would have the same output, but that’s the kind of assumption that always gets me in trouble.

I have all of the tech manuals – does not provide the level of detail I need.

Endicia ES 7500U scale

Is this one compatible? Which represents the character “W” and a carriage return chr 13 or hex 0D. Ultegra and Ultegra Junior.