When I turn on the system I just get a black screen with nothing on it. I get that strange rattling sound too and mine’s less than 2 weeks old! Jan 13, Posts: Regardless of its noise silence or loud racket , the fan still pushes air, so it’s not a genuine hazard yet And maybe these boards are just bad enough that a certain percentage of the flashes result in dead boards.

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Originally posted by Neal: Dec 24, Posts: Palo Alto, CA Registered: For everyone with the latest BIOS ver. Reinstall, different drivers, different PSU, it just won’t go. They’re the industry’s absolute lowest bidder.

The Budget Gaming Board: ECS nForce4-A – ExtremeTech

Jan 13, Posts: Fri Nov 18, 2: Going nforve4-a939 Low RPM 1. Mar 21, Posts: Chances are, it’s the board. I would probably have tried your driver update method first, but I was already tinkering around with my PC’s innards so I didn’t see you post.


If you do this you’ll have to reapply hotfixes.

I’ve tried many things to fix this, i’ve even reinstalled to a new operating system. Well, I’m going to start my Fry’s deal build tonight Originally posted by Grimlog: It comes with two bios chips, so that should help me stay out of trouble. Just out of curiosity, what CPU are you using?

Although its efs was good, we did have some issues with the board itself. Back last year, I started recording the motherboard maker and a few other things of systems brought to be for repair. Plug a Northwood into a board expecting Willamette, it’d work. Strangely, there seems to be some correlation between the processor load and the fan’s change of sound.

Sat Nov 26, 6: Visit our Help Pages. Tue Nov 29, 4: Fri Dec 09, 7: Amazon Business Service for business customers.

A word to the wise re: ECS nForce4-A939 boards from Fry’s

Now I’m stuck with a nfroce4-a939 motherboard. Installed Win2K and proceeded to use the WinFlash thingy to put a newer version on it Write a customer review.


Select the device under “Computer”. I also get stats from a few nearby stores which do the same thing.

May 15, Posts: I’ve downloaded the 1. Sat Nov 19, 9: