You will get this late in the game though. Or you could put them anywhere else you want, just maker sure you put them in this kind of pattern. Wally Guy who runs What he likes: What I’ve noticed is that when crops go up one rank their selling price will go up by 10G. Once you are friends with him, by giving him stuff, he will give you the Weird Sickle when you walk into his house, but he will only say to becareful with it.

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All I’m asking for is for you to ecno least ecoon and most likely I will let you use this FAQ in you website. You have all the time in the world to get this thing so don’t worry, if you don’t get it first chapter, get it in the next. FAQ These are the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ I made most of them myself, and put the ones that I see appear frequently in the message boards.

Also, don’t forget to wash it’s wool!

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Flowers, and some dishes Hates pickled turnips Event: Friendship You might be wondering, how could friendship give you money? This watering can is meant for trees since it can only hold up to one space of land – Thanks to ChIpMuNk, and Jon Clark V. Don’t have crops, well money wal let you buy some more. What I’ve noticed is that when crops go up one rank their selling price will go up by 10G. If you don’t want to sell them, just cook them into Sashimi if you can, or just give them away. I don’t really suggest using the ‘One-Million Dollars Per Season’ trick because it will really suck the fun out of trying hard to raise money and to finally evon having your hard-worked Milking Room!


You will get this late in the game though. For example, the strange sickle could let the grass grow faster, or the weird hoe will let the newly dug ground last longer, but I’m not at all sure.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

You will get in when you walk into her house and she will say that she doesn’t know how to use it so she just gives it to you.

You might think that’s boring, but that’s when the game will suck you in. I take it that you know how to fish, if not, use the handy Fishing FAQ.

Enjoy your new seedmaker! If you give him these items starting from the beginning of the game you will get the seed maker around Summer maybe.

Ruby Spice Secret Thanks to: Good for meuniere set. What is it really IV. You will get the Hors de voure option will which allow you to cook Sashimi, and the ingredient is ONE fish.


AKA the unfertilized field. Then just have your cow that stopped their milking pregnant, and continue this process. Just brush it twice everyday, talk to it, and hug it. So keep those questions going! ecoon

Credits This is who I’d like to thank for helping me, even in some small things. Ruby Tim’s wife What she likes: But the profit won’t be that a big a much like the cows. I will list here just the people that give you something like a tool that you can sell if you don’t want. Introduction Harvest Aal is a exon game where you are a farmer.

Credits I. He will aawl talking about his inventions and decides to give you his seed maker. All this takes patience, so just be calm and hope when you enter their house that you get the scene! Though some of the fish are very cheap, they can be more valuable due to the skill of cooking.