Physically it may be possible, as there is some plastic padding underneath the drive, but it is unclear if it will ever be accommodated for. The Seagate drive inside this laptop is one of the fastest RPM drives on the market. Webcam feature is nice; we’re finally getting into Skype to talk to relatives and the built in cam will get a lot of use. Link to this Wiki. I like this laptop because it has a way better processor than our old desktop, way more memory, and has a DVD drive. While this gap used to be wider, continuous improvement in device drivers, and recent release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is bringing things closer to a status quo. The bottom of the laptop has undergone a major redesign compared to its older sibling.

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It will be sufficient for casual gaming with low to medium settings in most reasonably modern games. Truth be told, the 2MP Vostro webcam didn’t shine, and the webcam on the is no better.

This unit comes with the base Dell Wireless adapter. We also performed a torture test with everything at full load, including processor, video card, DVD drive, screen, hard drive, both wired and wireless networking. As with most laptops, memory RAM is easy to upgrade. It would help to know what make and type is this card reader, because some of them need an installed driver or are formatted in an exotic manner although this is quite rare – almost all of them work with the XP built-in drivers.

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The magnesium alloy construction remains untouched, leaving it as one of the stronger, yet relatively light laptops on the market. Forum Thread Dell Vostro Review: The answer is simple – Dell is currently offering its business customers a choice of OS. You can find this setting on the Power Management tab once you have opened the properties for it in device manager.


Dell Vostro 1510 Review: A Worthy Upgrade to the Vostro 1500

A Worthy Upgrade to the Vostro Make sure Windows is updated. In addition, we felt that the laptop might be somewhat limited by the albeit minimal, but still present 3rd party applications, which may take up system resources and cause test results to be not quite what they can and should be.

It appears to be made by Ricoh.

I like that they’ve trimmed it down some from the original always thought that the was a bit clunky. Refresh open webpage ever so often!

Sorry, this thread is closed. While the absence of an HDMI port is somewhat surprising, considering the integrated nVidia series video card, it makes it clear that Dell is positioning this laptop towards business users more so than entertainment.

On the other side, users seeking entertainment, and artists who love eye-pleasing, vivid colors, and are willing to deal with glare in direct light, prefer reflective screens. Even speakers provided reasonable sound quality.

Dell Vostro Review: A Worthy Upgrade to the Vostro –

HP Envy x Laptop Review: Both these benchmark are highly dependent on raw CPU speed, and since Vostro has the weakest processor of vowtro three, there is svhc surprise that it takes the longest to complete the tests.

You are then taken to a special dialog, where you have to provide your password for windows login, and after 5 successful consecutive swipes of a finger, you are ready to log in via biometric credentials. This would be a nice replacement for me to travel such as the cruise I’m about to go on after this post I wish they would have left the M GT as a video card option though, it’s no longer a powerhouse. For comparison purposes, we also tested 2 additional similar ssdhc from Dell – an XPS m and the original Vostroconfigured as follows: Thanks for the review.


In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, and the intended use for the laptop. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. If you choose to purchase Windows Vista Business or Vista Ultimate with the system, you have the option to receive your desktop or laptop with Windows XP Professional preinstalled and still have upgrade rights to Windows Vista when you are ready to make the switch.

Coming to the fromthe reduction in keyboard width, change in positioning, and combining of the keys is unusual, and will definitely take some adjustment, dekl since I work with documents and code on the delk basis. To deol, it looks really sophisticated. Whereas here, you take out the fan and the heatpipe, and the CPU is right there.

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Produced by the same company as 3DMark 06, it’s geared towards estimating synthetic peak computer performance while performing daily tasks, such as manipulating photos, encoding music from CDs into compressed formats, office work simulation, etc. I did not experience any issues with it on this Vostro unit, and the network speeds are a very welcome upgrade that a lot of users have been asking for.

This has made some small changes to configuration for review purposes very easy. Some went as far as calling it a “tank”, both to identify its bulkiness and rigid construction.