You pay thousands of dollars for a well configured flagship server and end up with video that would have been installed on an old machine. I’ve got no further with this. Where should I put the entry? Matrox ger use the links on this page to download the latest version of matrox ger drivers. Could you help me? Save me from buy new VGA card almost do it.

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In fact, there’s not much available on Matrox cards and custom resolutions out there.

EXTIO F2x08 Series

I used the same driver as the guy before me, R Once you’ve written it to the registry, disable and reenable the Matrox driver in Device Manager, and voila. Thanks for the temp fix anyways! Installs the onboard bmc video driver for windows and I tried your method but still no luck. A reboot maatrox be required. Reinstall the driver by running setup from the same directory. Yeah, these guys at Google did pretty f200er job.

Hello, maybe someone can help me out because i cant find them.

Matrox Graphics – Support – All Latest Display Drivers

The driver update tool is a utility that contains more than 27 million official drivers for all hardware, including matrox ger driver. That chipset is pretty ancient surprising based upon depl. Say your resolution is x Windows 7, I don’t think so.


For the GeW, this listed just a few resolutions, but for the G there was a long list. Maybe you did something wrong.

Matrox g200er driver dell

I am just wondering how it is with it’s performance. Only issue i had was when the VGA was removed it reverted back to the resolution.

Re-installing the modified drivers brings it back. I cannot get the screen resolution more than x there are no choices besides that and x nothing else the video card is an onboard matrox ger, and my driver version is from matrox, datedversion 2.

I found the two files in the unpacked setup folders, and I added in your values. But, using the link didinskee postedI was able to download the older driver that still contains the. I did so, and it worked. You must modify these files, and reinstall driver. I’ve run into this problem and after days of googling this is only page to have solution, even Dell web site don’t.


I modified them both and all went well. Do you think there is a way to run the graphics driver on Win10 installation? After g200e reboot of the server, all went fine and I can now use all the different resolutions needed depending on the screen used.

Matrox Graphics – Support – Driver Download

I’ve got no further with this. SingleResolutions and to add all the information provided to change the. However if a fully wired cable is not used or, as in my situation, there is a switch box to switch the VDU to one of several computers the maximum resolution becomes x again because the EDID data is lost.

Matrox ger driver free download for windows dell. Hi, first thank you for this nice res-hack. I kept getting driver installation failed on Server when making the change.

Here’s the changed value for future reference: