The Dell Latitude E can run for a long time with the 6-cell battery. In case of increased energy requirements during mobile use, Dell offers, for all the models of the Latitude series, an additional external battery with a capacity of 84 Wh , which can be attached to the back of the laptop to increase the total battery life of the laptop by a significant amount. On the front of the device there is a MicroSD card reader, while on the left hand side there is an SC card slot, along with a contactless SC reader next to the mouse pad. The touchpad itself is quite smooth, but it felt like there was just a little input lag on the touchpad. Dell’s Latitude trackpads are worth commenting on, as they feature a range of different options, including circular scrolling.

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While it sticks out only a little bit, that top bulge had just a little bit of give to it. Additionally, the battery also profits from this lower consumption of energy by the processorwhich increases the mobility of the notebook.

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Besides the usual drab black Business-Look, the E is also available in red or blue. Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. This is also true about the displaywhich shows not only an excellent resistance to pressurebut also a great torsional rigidity which made a positive impression on us.

According to their standard, Dell offers 3 years of basic insurance with service on the next working day for the Latitude M Tablets by Joshua Goldman Dec 13, Bottom Line Pick up the Dell Latitude Usbb notebook if you’re a business user looking for a mobile, yet fast and very well built machine. The notebook also has a fingerprint reader, a webcam built in to the screen, and an ambient light sensor. It takes a while to get used to it.


Dell appears to have dropped the 3-cell battery option from their ordering system, leaving only the 6-cell battery which sticks out from the back of the notebook latituude about half an inch.

Now they are positioned on the front edge near the keyboard, so that the user can listen to the low sound without any bass emerging from the two slits in which the speakers are hidden.

The comparatively higher energy requirement is especially surprising. In our test, however, the Touchpad turned out to be a bit troublesome as there were slight delays. The Vostro and the Precision M are two laptops worthy of mention in relation to the Latitude series. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The notebook itself has a small LCD bezel and a tightly integrated chassis design, so not only is the notebook rather thin it also presents the smallest footprint that is possible for a After equipping more than 3 GB to the laptop, it is recommended that the buyer use a bit operating system.

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As is common in many laptops, the Latitude series feature both a ‘nipple’ mouse and a trackpad. In this way, the cursor keys have been reduced in size to save space.

We wish it had at least one more USB 2. Dell becomes publicly traded again December On the far right below the keyboard is a fingerprint reader, which is thankfully placed far enough away that you don’t brush it when you’re typing.

Those looking to go delll a premium machine should look to latutude Ewhich contains a plethora of bells and whistles and a Dell Latitude E notebook A A redesign that’s almost on the nose A redesign that’s almost on the nose by Dan Ackerman. On the inside, the E is down-to-earth and businesslike with its straight lines and simple form. The keyboard of our test sample was fixed in place, yet it still produced, while typing, a slightly louder than average clicking sound, which, however, was not uncomfortable.


The base of the chassis is built from magnesium alloy and packed with parts, resulting in a design that protects its internals well. We were, however, able to perceive a significant difference between the model on our test bench, and the aforementioned models of the Dell Latitude and Dell Precision series.

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When the laptop is sitting idle, the cooler of the laptop is usually off. It recorded a score of in our WorldBench 6 benchmark suite, which is not far off the e43000 of a gaming notebook such as the Laatitude G60J gaming notebook. What we like most about the Dell Latitude E are its speed and its build quality.

We were able to get more than four hours of use out of the 6-cell battery while using the laptop primarily for Web browsing and word processing. In this test, the chips performed, in the single and the multi core rendering test, just as well as the T CPU in the Precision M Made to please creative pros Debuting just ahead of CESthe updated two-in-one gets a premium redesign and latitudee pen functionality.

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