It serves as the entry point for the superkeys of site license Example: PChannel index changes P rogrammable Channel allocation table, or scanlist if you are using Dataq’s term. For example, if you specify “” as the integer for EventLevel, the NewData event fire whenever or more new data points have been gathered. Fired when an error is detected by the control. NET is providing an advanced. Click here to find out how to extract the data from the variant.

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Like other ActiveX controls, UltimaSerial ActiveXs are bit components, you must select bit code option when using bit compilers.

Serial port 1 is the default. When a specified PChannel passes the limit line, event LimitLine will be fired. This trigger mode does not use pre- nor post- trigger length To access the data returned by GetData, you can take a look datas the following example If you are using VB.

Fired when the number of new data points are equal to or higher than what is specified in dayaq property of EventLevel. Since the default gain of 0 is not a valid number, user must specify the range first before using the rate channel.


The availability of a transitional counters can be found in here. The included samples are mostly from VB6.

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The minimum throughput rate for other 1xx is: PGain index changes P rogrammable Gain table. One frame is equivalent to one sample of each active channel. For DI and DI, the datqq channel has gain control.

Both bit and bit Windows runs bit applications properly. All Valid Trigger Channel: PreTriggerLength should be zero Applicable Devices: Trigger Level too low, and will be changed to In this case, you should use Timer to pace the acquisition Syntax: A pre-assigned Serialnumber must be matched before the device is open. Please note the front-end circuit of DI has a low-pass filter and it may not respond ideally for high frequency signals.

COM port is not available. No need to enable digital channels in scanlist.

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Default value is SetLimitLine int type, int threshold specifies the type of monitoring and threshold to be used in LimitLine operation. Invalid key to DI!


The default is 1 channel. When Ultimaserial is first loaded, the channel allocation table is 1, 2, 3, Invalid device name Channel 8 is always digital input, Channel 9 is always Rate input, and Channel 10 is always a bit Counter input. Datwq, an integer, is the number of data points, not scans, that you are requesting 30, maximum.

The maximum number of scans you can request is 8, All It serves as the entry point for the superkeys of site license Example: MatchSerialNumber if this is set. Please use PChannelPGain property to change the channel and gain allocation table. Channel Count changes to 1 This method must be invoked before Start.