After doing a lot of reading on the web about this driver, I came to the conclusion that the driver is junk and should be avoided. I stand by my last comment as a usable although not ideally calibrated workaround for this. The eGalax drivers that came with the screen were old and obsolete. Best regards, Robin stammbar. I had problems with eGalax touchscreen with my Asus TMT, the new kernel in Maverick works as a single touch screen, but not as the proper two finger mutitouch screen it should be. If your touch device just needed the hidraw driver on U3 board, try to modify comment out the hid-touch. Only edit the config files in xorg.

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How to get eGalax TouchScreen film (0eef:0001) working in Linux for Raspberry Pi

This was not the simple answer. After this every thing was working correct for me.

Best regards, Robin StammBar. Today I have no idea how Ubuntu handles xorg information. The good thing is that the software is progressing unlike windows and making technical jumps. I also calibrated it using the utility in the first post, but I don’t think that was necessary. Thanks a lot for the tip on disabling the eGalax device using toucjscreen, it solved my problem with the upper-left pointer.


Now it is time to edit xorg. How did u do that? I only referenced border’s method to solve the problem. I didn’t use any calibration tools.

D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd eGalax TouchScreen Other | Ubuntu

After doing a lot of reading on the web about this driver, I came to the conclusion that linuux driver is junk and should be avoided. When I wasn’t running it as root, it would let me get through a few points and then just completely crash, leaving an error in the terminal. BUT there is a nasty hassle with the touchscreen ‘button’ emulation see below.

This is how I get my touchscreen working: Let me know if you get stuck on any step and remember to post any observation you may h As I have it now, the correct calibration does not get set until after login. Reboot and try it again. It took running the eGalaxTouch tool as root for it to work correctly. I have tried everything in this post to set it up, however whenever I touch the screen the cursor flits around in seeming random patterns.


Do not be tempted to try and make and edit a c-wav called xorg.

With driver of ubuntu After sending logs and outputs backwards and forwards, their conclusion is: Here is where scienyific we need to find this module. Hello, Information for the Samsung Touchcsreen Ultra now goes here: Using my stylus the touch screen is accurate in the centre of the screen then it slowly tends to accelerate faster than I move the stylus in any direction from there. TouchController”, disabling the second one fixes the problem.

Cause I followed the same tutorial as you did but it somehow broke my sound drivers. Open Input Framework Edit. Max resolution is x After this the touchscreen works for a while, then stops working, after a reboot the calibration is ok, after deacticating the other devices the touchscreen works for a while, The only thing is the calibration numbers wont stick. touchxcreen

The hidraw is a built-in driver now. Hi, I have done a lot of search on internet. Touchwcreen has now fixed my jump to corner behaviour on my Tx.