Setup an nginx reverse proxy and I only do it in one place which is x easier. It will be bran new and back to the wizard. I’m on digitalocean fwiw. Tried doing it individually with the nvr and the UniFi controller and a bunch of other things. The first frustration is that you cannot simply install the certs you want into the unifi controller. Actually i trying to work with the advice and see if I can finally get the cert installed. My original plan was to setup a basic apache2 site, use certbot to generate my certificates and then install them into the Unifi controller.

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Mods reserve the right to remove topics that are considered disruptive or inappropriate for this subreddit. Is there any sort of prerequisit that needs to be performed on the keystore that will allow it to be written to? Ubiquiti submitted 6 months ago by jaholbrook. I’m at the point know where I’m thinking about killing the image in azure and taking a do over. Any help would be appreciate.

Which is a pain cr the Unifi controller as it does not use relative paths for it’s resources. We are all familiar with what the boxes look like.


I have been consolidating some of my sites onto a single hosted Unifi controller. I’m on digitalocean fwiw. If unii uploaded them to your home directly you need to ref that in the Java cmd. Spam, promote your business, or job postings List items for sale or conduct a virtual ‘swap meet’ Write excessively rude or condescending posts we are all entitled to our opinions, but order must be maintained.

I use a Cloud Key, but this should work just the cse. I followed the directions in the link above pretty much to a T. Getting started with SSL, I learned unifii from here. Keep this in mind when allocating storage. The two biggest issues I ran into using the instructions from Willie Howe as the base for my effort as stated earlier are listed below: It was and is greatly appreciated and I would never have figured this out without the assists.

Getting csr for SSL – Ubiquiti Networks Community

Where did you upload the uniri files to? Here is the command to feed the CSR generated by Unifi into certbot to be certified: Good luck to anyone else giving this a shot. Make sure the files have the correct names and paths.

Documentation was outdated so I am going to post some useful info here. Now we need to feed the CSR into certbot. Then I had to wait about minutes until the site came back up, but I’m in the green now.



When in doubt, contact the mods vsr ask. Maybe something got messed up when you created the csr file? I am going to post my how to in a new thread. Everything I try I get cannot import into keystore. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. That’s why it’s not in the chain bundle.

After you have a valid CSR and unufi to import into the keyststore if you receive the error “could not import to keystore” open the CSR and remove all the line breaks. Use LetsEncrypt With Unifi. I cse that means some sort of auto renew feature. Not helpful here but I recall reading they are looking into supporting Let’s Encrypt certificates in the future.

Company Name, your city, etc. Setup an nginx reverse proxy and I only do it in one place which is x easier.