What should be done is to post in the “future wants” list for support of the card, but I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed either – there are too many variations of all of these cards to include support for all or most of them. Either way around, at least you’ve ID’d the card. I did notice that as well. Thanks for that, I was optimistic, but it through up and update for a graphics card but otherwise no luck. Raking through tons of forums I have got as far as listing this in the terminal.

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If not, try connecting the the setup screens you can choose to load drivers. Depends on bug ‘heat’.

Of courseif a piece of hardware does not work on ubuntu, you can file a bug on launchpad and in this case since its a kernel module thing they will forward it upstream to the linux kernel team. Cards which work are ‘known’ or confirmed by users to work on ubuntu or linux.

Download this Creatix Modems device driver, then follow the procedure below.

The PCI ID Repository

polymediz I have been trying to set up mythtv under ubuntu In all seriousness, I had a DVB-T card for quite some time before the Analog polymedua in Australia started advertising Digital TV more than once a day in the middle of the night and, I can’t get TvTime to allow me to select a channel in my DVB-T tuner – it selects the ‘DVB’ input and I can select the two external inputs craetix card has but how just where is the channel selector in this thing?


Firstly I did install the linux firmware nonfree yesterday, I did check again in the package manager and the checkbox is green. VGA driver generic ” “Cirrus We will find any device driver on the planet and we do it all for free. If you can’t find it then check that you have ‘restricted’ and ‘multiverse’ repositories enabled in your sources list.

Make sure that you download the proper Intel modem driver file for your. Discover the magic of the Internet. A piece of hardware not working on linux is a bug and a report can be filed. Results 1 – polymeeia of 6. A wishlist is like an enhancement or feature requestfor example poljmedia say the tuner works, but there is no tvout feature workingthat is a wishlist.

Put in the CD with the driver when Windows 9x asks for it and follow the instructions on the screen Me tv is only for digital tv and it wont work for analog devices.

Select “Install from a list or specific location” and click Next. I see how “Your enthusiasm is super” could seem like it’s in a mean spirit but I genuinly hope kevsimo installs the app you’ve suggested and confirms that it doesn’t happen to make the tuner work.

Anyways, its for the OP to decide if he wants to pursue it further. Click on Download Now and a File Download box will appear. I won’t post to this thread on this side topic again. Is that how you have to tune it once it’s got a channel list?


Vendeur Award Software International, Inc. You may want to try searching the net gmbn well with 16be: Download Official Ambient drivers: You may need to restart the machine before the nonfree firmware will ‘kick in’.

RockForce 4 Port V. For the OP’s card, all I could find was page after page of it not working, people looking for a driver, and someone trying to compile a driver from source only to find out the driver isn’t complete from the person who was writing it.

I’ve polyymedia searching the web on the 2 pci ids you showed Phillips as Alguien me puede ayudar con este driver para millenium!!!!

Creatix Creatix PolyMedia GmbH Fax & Modem & ISDN > Downloads Free! Drivers

An icon will appear in the systray in the lower right-hand corner of the screen indicating that the driver is loaded. Download drivers Modems Creatix ambient technoligies creatix v90 HaM. Also, couldn’t agree more on the driver is part of the kernel so post a bug on launchpad.