No problem with that, no upset in my side. The driver of the CP performs the switchover of the receivewire line between transmit and receive. The dongle with identification number 6ESCA00 is supplied with the driver. It is possible to use RS auxiliary signals for, e. None parity effects two stop bits.

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The Port Setup Window.

The byte 0X5B is encoded as two characters: Additional Setup Instructions for Modbus: This is the firs time I work with modbus on Siemens If the two values are not equal, an error results. The following FCs can be used to carry out data exchange bit-by-bit: Anybody have example of project with using CP Modbus Master communicate with other modbus slave? April 16th, If the installation program fails to automatically run, perform these steps: Do you have an application you wish to discuss?

June 25th, If bit 2 6 is set and a normal morbus bytes per register range is read in the slave, 2 bytes per register is returned by the slave.

If i just make one read i am successful. This is followed by transmission of one byte of error code Exception Codewhich describes the reason for vp error.


Bit 2 6 doesn t affect the function code actually sent, it is just information for the master CP for what to expect in the response from the slave when reading or what to send when writing.

BREAK level during message pauses is also ignored. These modifications and expansions may apply in particular to event classes or event numbers available for diagnostic purposes. Notice draws your attention to particularly important information on the product, handling the product, or to a particular part of the documentation.

Siemens CP – Modbus RTU – – Interactive Q & A

Possible System Configuration Please find below an illustration of system configuration schematics. Standard PT with Flying Lead. A cable of RS Warning indicates that death, severe personal injury or substantial damage can result if proper precautions moxbus not taken.

In that case a re-installation of the driver is necessary.

SIMATIC. Loadable Driver for CP 341 Modbus ASCII Master with 32-Bit Extensions. Manual

Info how you’re doing that communication will be useful for investigating. Why not ask one of our experts?

Switched Mode Power Supplies. Chemical Resistive Pressure Sensor.

Did you look for that my sugested documents? This product can only function correctly and safely if it is transported, stored, set up, and installed correctly, and operated and maintained as recommended.


If the slave recognizes a request from a master, it automatically sends back a standard response; even if the request is not clear i will give some sign of life.

Site Explorer Site Explorer.

Configuration of CP to use Modbus – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

Please DON’T use 34 for advertising, etc. The Modbus serial line PDU is describes as follows: Single channel data transceiver module WIZ Available models: If any of the errors listed below is recognized by the CP during reception of the reply message, the received data string is rejected, modbue error is reported and the triggered Send job is completed with error. Pick-to-Light Sensor K50 Series. Modbus is an open serial communications protocol widely used in.