Installing sybase on a machine, you will have a “sql. In the Server name box, enter or select the name or IP address of the database server. Provider Select any of the installed Provider on the machine for connecting to the Sybase Server. Remember to start the connection string with “odbc: RegionalNumberSettings Enables using local regional settings when converting numbers to string. The database server is named SampleServer.

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Your connection to the database server stays active until you close the project. If you previously connected to Sybase, sybqse command name will be Reconnect to Sybase.

Connecting to Sybase ASE (SybaseToSQL) – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

Right-click Databases or the individual database or database schema, and then select Refresh connecttion Database. Use the following connection string to force the AseConnection object to use the interface file. To avoid conflicts in procedures and queries that contain reserved words, you should use the QuotedIdentifier option. You can manually update metadata for a single database, a single database schema, or all databases.

Remember to start the connection string with “odbc: In addition, to select permissions on tables that are being migrated, the user must have SELECT permissions on the following system tables:.


In the Server name box, enter or select the name or IP address of the database server.

ODBC Driver for SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

Password Enter the password for the user name. In Sybase Metadata Explorer, select the check box next to the database or database schema that you want to update. The database server is named SampleServer. Option Description Server Serves to supply the server name for login.

This is an advanced mode option. When you reopen the project, you must reconnect to ASE if you want an active connection to the server. When the engine starts the database specified by DatabaseFile, the engine will use the supplied DatabaseSwitches as command line options to determine startup options for the database. Password Used to supply a password for login. The metadata in Sybase Metadata Explorer is a snapshot of the metadata when you first connected to the Adaptive Server, or the last time that you manually refreshed metadata.

This one works only from Open Client The Sybase strig contains a List of DatabaseSwitch values.

Popular Connection strings explained Rules for connection strings Store connection string in web. Note Your computer may be running software that has an embedded SQL Anywhere server, in which case there could be multiple servers running without you realizing it. Enables using local regional settings when converting dates and times to string.


Some reports on problem using the above one, try the following as an alternative. Used to specify the time in seconds before an attempt to make a connection is considered unsuccessful.

In the User ID field, type a user name. The database server and the database starts and Interactive SQL connects to the database.

If your ODBC data source is not configured to start the database and database server, then you need to start them. For example, run the following command to start the sample database:. Metadata about the ASE databases is not automatically refreshed.

Results The administration tool connects to the database. To retrieve metadata, not all parameters according to MSDN can accept a null value. See Opening the Connect strnig Sybase Central. In the Authentication dropdown list, click Database.

More info and class library downloads Strig example values.