Hi, You’re looking in the wrong place for a driver fix. I’m reading that enterprise might skip Vista completely. We must emphasize that we cannot guarantee the compatibility of any particular modem. Any other suggestions that will work to actually address the problem will be greatly received! AMIX Intel’s hardware-based solution with complete set of industry standard features for high speed data, fax, and voice applications. Why are you going back on what your Technet renewal email mentions as “Get technical questions resolved within 2 business days on Managed Forums” – note the word resolved!

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I have the same problem. Why am I not surprised that Microsoft has gone quiet – perhaps they fixed it in Windows 8? I am trying fapi involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue. I’m reading that enterprise might skip Vista completely. It’s a modem which until conexajt recent firmware update, never had voice capability at all. Acorp modems can automatically tell the difference between a fax and voice call once answered.

Support Fax Class 1 send ocnexant receive rates up to bps. My letter to the MD will be in the post soon. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. It’s up to the device manufacturer to fix, add to, or rewrite drivers, then supply it to Microsoft for distribution on Windows Update. Sign in to vote. Please visit the below link to see the various paid support options that are available to better meet your needs.


Will Vista ever fully support voice modem based on conexant chip s

Do you know of any modems out there which would work fine? Dominic Payer, Oct conezant, FWIW I’ll be hoping the new version of PhoneTray Pro due out at the end of November will eventually get TAM support as that will be Win 7 and 8 compatible and the package would then meet all my modem related needs apart from Faxing which Windows handles well enough natively for my liking.

The CNXE are external voice, fax, and data modems. How can you make the voice playback to work directly?

I obviously agree with you. I don’t get it. Similar Threads Voice Modem that works with Vista. Seems noone cares about this problem I’ve already tried but the more, the merrier, in terms of giving them the message there’s a need for this. Office Office Exchange Server.

You will also note that there rapi some inconsistent reports in the list below.

And now that non-geek, normal folks have purchased new computers like they might buy a new washing machine Others do not update drivers for older devices at all, and the consumer is left with the option of going without a particular function, or with purchasing new hardware. They say it supports win7 and win8 and that it uses their own driver and not microsoft one Finally, some digging tapk on the net i found this.


The basic modem appears to work fine, but CID does not work. The drivers supplied by Vista or any other version of Windows simply allows for this, not for the added capability.

A Hardware USB modem for Linux

Data mode Quick Connect Modem-on-hold V. Harper, Oct 11, Can anybody suggest me USB modems with this voice functions?

Manufacturers choose to add voice capabilities to the device, but then do not want to write the necessary supporting software drivers so that it functions in a given operating system. Windows 7 IT Pro. Given everything that’s already been posted in this thread including Michael’s very helpful post backing up my argumentyou still don’t believe this is a Microsoft bug – how many people and professional developers will it take to convince you?

That is an added feature of some categories of modems.