How can I avoid HHW products altogether? Careers with Public Works. This facility is open from 9: Originally mounted on the top of the Firehouse for Chico Engine Co. The Paradise facility serves the Town of Paradise and the upper ridge. Report a Sanitary Sewer Overflow? It is presently located in the front of Station 1, the Fire Department’s administrative headquarters.

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Report a crime Report Graffiti Report a road condition or pothole? Get connected to the City Sewer? Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm.

Report a Sanitary Sewer Overflow? Why use this facility? Get connected to the City Sewer? Earthworm Soil Factory Freecycle.

Home generated medical sharps drop off locations: Get a Wastewater Discharge Permit? Home generated pharmaceuticals drop off locations: Office Hours Monday – Friday 7: Get Accessibility ADA info?

Chemical Spill at Chico State’s Physical Science Building

The Recology facility is for Oroville residents and Recology customers. Household Hazardous Waste You can dispose of: Find out what airlines serve Chico?


Select A Department or Division It is recommended that you keep your vehicle well ventilated during your trip to the facility. What can I dispose? Can’t I just throw it in the garbage?

City Fire – Departments – City of Chico

Alternating Wednesdays and Saturdays 9: Make ciry park reservation? Download and view documents, forms, etc. Check for retrofit certificate? Get Housing assistance information? Butte County Public Works Phone: Businesses should call to make an appointment. Get an online building permit?

Report a clogged storm drain? Schedule a building inspection?

The team works closely with the County Environment Health and Agriculture departments. If the material is not in the original container, it is recommended that you label the contents.

Building & Development Services – Departments – City of Chico

Originally mounted on the top of the Firehouse for Chico Engine Co. If you’re not sure, call us at 1. Look for safer alternatives, many of which can be found at your local grocery store, or use simple alternatives.


Lemon juice, vinegar, hot-water and “elbow grease” can be use for a variety of projects from window bazmat to unclogging drains.

It is governed by the Fire Chiefs of the six signatory agencies.