The Cingular syncs easily and well to Outlook and Exchange servers and supports Direct Push email as well as Good’s messaging solution. Cannot make it last more than 2 weeks! Like the Cingular and Cingular , voice quality is excellent. If you close the flip while running Windows Media Player, or fire it up with the phone closed using the front media buttons, the time and date are moved to the bottom of the screen, and the display shows the song name, album, volume level, time elapsed, and progress bar. Bring back teh old ATT wireless customer service Still, you can also use Bluetooth to connect your PC to the phone for use as a modem. Connect to the Internet A new connection will now be in your Network Connections menu.

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Unfortunately the area just below the display the shiny chrome surround does contact the call send, end and d-pad outer rings. Seeing the Cingular as a Modem The first time you plug in your Cingular while in Modem Mode, you’ll notice that ActiveSync does not pop-up as it normally 3215 instead you’ll see the Found New Hardware Wizard: If you’re hunting for the rare clamshell smartphone, aren’t married to Windows Mobile and 315 3G, check out the Nokia N75released by Cingular in May The speakerphone is loud enough for indoor or in-car, but not outdoor use.

The other reason that this irks me is because 33125 the placement of the MicroSD card. While the jet-black Cingular takes on the appearance of a high-end wireless phone, it packs a full set of features that makes it a perfect and affordable tool for use during work or leisure time.


When asked for the location of the driver, you can select the CD-ROM that shipped with the Search removable media It keeps me focused on the basics the phone does and not try any elaborate software packages.

And for those whose work requires you go camera-less, Cingular also offers the with no camera. The font on the main screen is ciingular to read because it’s too small.

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

The screen shows off all the basic info, such as date, time, network strength, and battery life, and we really like that you can change the wallpaper and backlight time-out. It’s a pretty decent headset with clarity, no shrillness but not much in the deep bass department.

Compare Windows Mobile Smartphones. Connect to the Internet. If your phone is off warranty and needs repair for a physical problem such as a broken screen or bad battery, you should visit an authorized service centre or a local phone repair shop. Since the one connector handles both functions, you need a special Y-cable to use both the charger and the included headphones simultaneously.

Cingular Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Compare These Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Conclusion One of my criteria for judging devices is whether or not I regret having to ship it back to the company when the review period is over. The bad news is that you can’t yet use standard 3. For instant-messaging fans, only the MSN client is preloaded onto the device.

Reception has been very good and is quite similar to the Cingular and Nokia N73 with the Nokia having a slight edge Nokia is king of RF. In test mode, it showed noticeably weaker reception than the Cingularwhich has excellent reception.


HTC Cingular 3125 No Contract Cell Phone GSM Un-locked

Gee, a mobile device with a connection to a music store and music recognition software — I certainly wish I had thought of that! Of course, the 8: Alas it doesn’t have 3G. It tends to yield images which are cingullar in good light, lacking color in medium light, and more or less black smudges in low light.

The interface is dull and unimpressive.

cingupar Videos are the usual by resolution, jerky frames-per-second camera-phone style. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Like some WM phones, it does take up to a minute to acquire a signal on a cold boot thought, and it takes up to a minute for it to re-acquire a signal if you go cihgular an area of no signal to a very weak signal area.

The first three steps involve defining the type of connection you want to create. Fortunately, the camera application lets you control the color bias which does wonders to improve shots.

AT&T review: AT&T – CNET

Best smartphone in a flip. They still look great, but I prefer a more natural contrast level for multimedia. There is literally no way to control how bright the screen is.

Allow the driver installation process to complete and ignore any messages regarding Windows Logo testing.