Accepted linux into lucid-proposed, the package will build now and be available in a few hours. Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot crichton on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I’m testing the revised patch now. Torsten Spindler tspindler wrote on This information was last pulled 35 minutes ago.

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Please test proposed package Investigating this, I came up with the attached patch which simply causes all calls to set the cursor to set a null cursor. Please try the updated patch. Can you e1920w the following patch set on 2.

Yesterday I had again the situation where I could NOT recover from a “bad e1902ww 0x49 to a working captlva. Maybe this has been fixed during the last weeks? Can we get this patch also applied to Lucid?

And after the i driver is loaded, the following message is complained: See full activity log. Hiding the cursor before changing resolution and showing it afterwards fixes this for me. The changes should be small and self-contained, making this appropriate for an SRU.


JPG The bike is the cursor, the cliff is your screen. Yup, just disabling the cursor around modesetting works.

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From that state, the only way to recover I have found is a reboot. Could somebody please check whether there’s at least a chance to fix it, or it would be more wise to purchase another graphics adapter? Martin Pitt pitti wrote on For now I’ve tested with “vanilla” 2.

Changed in linux Ubuntu: The same result is for the second PC Laptop with Gentoo.

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Only the two lines with “Timestamp: E192w, should check with sparse more often I guess. Sometimes everything seems to work, but I only need to reboot once and the problem is present again. I presume that I’m reading it incorrectly, since the cursor appears to update e1092w without doing that. I’m curious if the output of “xrandr –verbose” is different between when things work and when things don’t. The problem is still present as before.


Will you please add the “modedebug” option in xorg.

This should now go into the mainline kernel and the stable trees, and we could pick it up as an SRU. However, I guess I am missing something in my kernel configuration, because I see far less drm output than in the log file in comment Thanks for fixing this while I slept: Please test proposed package.

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Attached is a git commit applying it to our kernel tree. I’ll be on vacation for the next 10 days, so I can not provide any test feedback during this time. Pedro Villavicencio pedro on In reply to comment 23 2. I’ll send this off to Eric with the tested-by, thanks!

This information was last pulled 35 minutes captiav.