It offers exceptional print quality and trouble-free operation with the convenience of compact size, and low cost. Canon cannot guarantee the quality or performance of your printer when you are using inks from other suppliers. See the next section for more detailed information about the options. Press the On Line button to set your printer back on-line. Make sure that paper is loaded in the sheet feeder. Select the fonts by clicking on the fonts you want to add. Page Press the green tab on the front left edge of the cartridge holder.

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This will optimize the charge capacity of the battery pack. Fan the paper before stacking it in the sheet feeder. Let printed sheets of transparency or back print film dry completely before storing bjd-70. When a sheet of film has dried completely, cover its printed side with a sheet of plain not coated paper before storing it; Peel off the protective foil.

High quality HQ mode One of the print quality modes available on this printer. The ink you use must meet these guidelines: Remove the bubbld-jet of paper from the paper support. Then remove the orange tape. Print draft documents in Black and White rather than Color, or use high-speed mode when printing color.


Ask your dealer for assistance if you need help selecting the bubble-jet cable. It also describes how to load a stack of paper and print a test pattern followed by installing a printer driver and managing your printer’s features. Output appears jagged The resolution selected via printer driver may be dpi. If you can print a self test but the printer does not print bbubble-jet your printed output is not what you expect, the problem is with your computer, software, or cables.

You only need to replace a BJ cartridge if for some reason the print head becomes damaged see Appendix A, Specifications, for cartridge life expectancy.

Canon BJC-70 User Manual

Make sure bjd-70 is inserted all the way into the sheet feeder. When you print the Current settings pattern, the Nozzle pattern, or the Demo pattern, the printer returns to its previous state after printing a page. From the top menu bar, select File. Contact your Canon authorized dealer as soon as possible.

Full text of “Canon BJC User Manual”

This method is best suited for printing documents that contain finely detailed graphics or photographic images. There are no Recommended Downloads available.


Page – Control array error occurs when installi Check the computer or the application to see if the host is configured correctly: To start the extensive cleaning procedure: To reduce paper jams, remove each sheet as it is printed.

See Appendix A, Specifications, for paper specifications. To charge a battery pack, follow these steps: Using caon Visual Guide If the print head unit does print on the platen, wipe it clean with a dry cloth. The printer driver keeps track of the attributes of a printer and the codes the program must send to access those attributes.

The TrueType dialog box appears.

Turn off the power. The width can be from 4. Clearing Paper Jams Clearing Paper Jams When a paper jam occurs, the printer sounds a short buzzer twice, and alternately displays as follows: Avoid areas of excessive heat or humidity as well as direct sunlight.

Page Use a soft cloth moistened with water.