And get your information pool, without repeats, on any TV channel! Rathe to call them “pecularities”, which one may pay attention to… And, at last, the last question interesting for those who like Behold BeTAB , — the price. In addition, Beholder always thoroughly thinks the launch of every product over. The only hexagonal notch in the center is thought to simplify the heatsink installation. Thermalright HR boasts a tower-like framework, consisting of a copper base, thirty-five aluminum plates, and eight nickel-plated heatpipes 6 mm each. Even, in spite of my personal attitude to the release of low cost PCI and PCI-E tuner model line, I must acknowledge that now the possibility of choosing the tuner for specific requirements became much broader”.

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Today we want to tell about new plugin “Crawling line”. This card is of Mini-ITX size and has the following dimensions: So, Behold TV RDS — obvious favourite of our test… In hard receiving conditions not every tuner is capable to show clear image without noise. Besides, new cards distinguish by more behols and functional connection of external audio and video devices.

Niżżel is-sewwieqa għall Behold TV RDS

At that together with rarely used by mass consumers features for example, RGB input important functions weren’t cut out. Made on new, noticeably improved with the aim of noise resistance, PCB, it took all the best was in the other internal TV-FM tuners Beholder, and also got new interesting features and the remarkable function RDS, which will surely be estimated by those who like to listen to FM radio.

Manufacturer decided in the following manner: In the case of our tablet PC we have an excelent IPS screen, powerful performance, new operating system and a good assembling quality. This become obvious on the sample of Beholder tuners, where even the cheapest models may boast of possibilities inavailable on beohld of other manufacturers”. Nehold TV H85 — is a hybrid model, combining together the possibility of receiving digital broadcast, analog TV and FM-radio broadcast.


From our point of view, main feature is the competent software. You may download plugin from our Downloads page.

FlyTV Platinum34, Behold RDS, Behold H75, FlyTV Platinum Gold, FlyTV Platinum30, XPx32

Beholder BeTAB breaks this rule. To its unique features it worth to attribute unusual but ergonomic design in retro style, presence of FM-radio on board, presence of video outputs along with inputs, and also possibility of upgrading firmware with full support by manufacturer over the Internet. Just the opposite, rd to combination of merits, peculiar to all previous series of BeholdTV tuners, and new capabilities, uncovering the potential of hardware, we can talk about that these TV tuners will easily eclipse all available today PCI-E tuner models.

All results of developments of Beholder company, all technologies and software functions realized in M6 series, that’s why today these are the best tuners from Beholder company. To its indisputable advantages may be refered the price, presence of very useful additional functions, such as recording and view beyold timeshift, and also advantages implied by its bheold TV tuner Behold TV Wander Lite, the hero of our today’s review, exactly designed for user, who reasonably counts every penny”.

New revisions of well-known TV tuners. You may download this plugin at our Downloads page. Behold TV Cruise supports all actual today analog and digital, aerial and cable standards of TV and radio. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.

Low profile bracket and presence of connectors for both internal and external 67 of IR-sensor behpld remote control makes Beholder Behold TV T7 a good candidate for installation to HTPC or even to ordinary PC, where it will suit for analog capture.

Choose driver version

In the rest it is very good tablet PC, which, no doubts, will attract the attention of potential buyers. AverMedia, as the most advertised brand in the Russian market of TV tuners, kept the leadership, though “lost” three per cent. May the green force be with you!


For example, unique feature for the Beholder tuners is the ability to ajust the picture for each channel individually, change the signal level and noise reduction, and now is a common for standalone tuners interface, that facilitates the TV channels setup and further firmware update.

By the way, antenna inputs of both tuners support GIAI technology — it is galvanically insulated and protected from breakdown by high voltage”. First of all this plugin will be helpful for the owners of wide displays with aspect ratios You may read more about them in our Products page. It was planned to be used for translation of commercials to the network, nevertheless, to make it more interesting for wide range of users, developers decided not to restrict themselves just to out the text line and implemented the engine for work with RSS feeds, that opened almost unlimited possibilities for informational content of TV broadcast.

What is attractive for modern customer in this compact standalone box that doesn’t require software installation?

Once spent the whole day with two Beholder TV tuners we’ve made a simple conclusion — this is very interesting function. In its features it excels not only analogous models of other manufacturers, but even the built-in tuners in plasma and LCD panels.

All the plates contain rectangular holes that facilitate the airflow when used in passive mode. Taking into account that situation around digital video broadcast standards is stabilized, we can confidently say that new tuner model well also be demanded in the future for many years”.

We already told about progress and achievements of this company for the first two years of existence see article ” Beholder: