I’m wondering how different it is. Powered by SMF 1. It seems that some sims become homeless when a family splits, or they could be service sims that are not needed. Useful on non-active sims, but I rarely use it on active ones. Would have loved this feature had EA added cribs from the get go. The thing is, they are not even hired in entry level jobs, which I believe you can be without relevant skills. I got really disgusted by some of the behavior on those forums after I had made a donation.

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They keep your town running smoothly. So then i tried NRaas story progression mod and initially it worked fine.

I believe this awwesomemod the right topic for posting questions related to this subject. I can set the mod to just ONE neighborhood? Cedia Llama Wrangler Posts: Along with Overwatch and Errortrap, I also recommend Saver – it reminds you to save every 30 minutes or however long you set it.

I know what I’d prefer with the ASM driver is for it to let us turn on or off any of those 6 things for any given household, plus an option to have it help them still bottom up do things like make friends and enemies by such means as a push to get them interacting in the park.


What exactly does Awesome Mod story progression modify or improve? Might explain why it appears to progress so quickly.

What exactly is the awesome story driver?

Keeping EA story progression on should probably be the first try for those who can do it, though. Stkry 13 comments — Leave a comment. I was getting disappointed that none of the other households in town were aging, also, so I switched that off and started using Buzzler’s Aging Manager found in the TS3 Pudding Facory to manage the aging of my playable households.

Ten days later he was publicly disgraced for WooHooing in public my sim was at home taking care of his child. And, I don’t have story progression or any mods for that matter and awesomemor still happens to me. Or toggle it off? Originally two separate mods, they were ultimately combined after the creator of Twallen stopped updating the mod. Awesomemod has a rather detailed readme Lion storyy December 23, I saw through googling that previous versions had some sort of ‘informing of story’ update configuration but I haven’t figured that out.

I cannot play the game without Twallan’s Story Progression. This seems to stop it.

The Best Story Progression Mods for the “Sims 3”

Glauce, for ease of use, I’ll direct you to Twallan’s Mods http: Make life take the lemons back! The actual mod seems easy enough, but aweosmemod framework, not so much. Don’t want the special characters? The caste system in Twallan’s Storyprogression is a very powerful tool to tweak how you want relationships to develop for groups of ppl.


I love what the Awesome Mod is supposed to do.

Can anyone explain it?? With Awesome Mod however, my game is smooth as usual. You just don’t touch your other save files while you’re experimenting and it won’t touch it either.

This is indirectly related to StoryProgression, since StoryProgression does push sims to go do things. aesomemod

Log in No account? The annoyance level of SP notifications, like so many other things, is customizable. She immediately no push from mejumped in her car and confronted him and the other one.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how srory make it less laggy, but I think that Twallan himself would be willing to give some tips. Whenever the game freezes every ten seconds in my game I go into edit town and place an empty lot anywhere in the town.

I’m wondering how different it is.