The software just dumps the images as numbered BMP files. All other products or corporate names mentioned in this documentation are for identification and explanation purposes only, and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. This isn’t a free codec – you can’t just download it – so if you want to view TVPhone recordings on another machine, that machine will need to have the TVPhone software installed too, or you’ll need to use a movie file editing package to reprocess the video into a more common format. If the name of your country is not listed, choose any country which uses the same TV system as yours. You can also watch TV, video and play music CD.

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In the next dialog box, choose Search for the best driver for your device Recommended. The work of ten seconds.

Avermedia TVPhone98 Installation guide |

If the name of your country is not listed, choose any country which uses the same TV system as yours. This is why every Windows webcam on the market’s advertised as having “video phone” features.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. EMR drops off with the square of the distance, so you don’t have to move an indoor antenna very far from most PCs to get a better picture.

But it was not worth the effort, for practically anyone. You can fine tune channels, and you can also lock them out, so your kids won’t be able to sneak onto the computer and watch racy movies on SBS late at night. The “VCR” function’s simple enough.


Even when it’s enclosed in a metal case, a PC and its external cables commonly emit enough electro-magnetic radiation EMR to create noticeable noise. Get hold of Windows video-conferencing software, like Microsoft’s own free NetMeeting package and plug in a camera and, if necessary, an extra five dollar microphone, and you’ll be Max Headrooming away on your Internet videophone in no time.

Visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions. Connect the All-in-One Cable.

AVerMedia TVCapture98 (Bt878) Drivers

Consumer hard disk video recording systems are intended to do VCR-type tasks, with the added bonus of no tapes to fiddle with and random access – you can seek through a recording as quickly as you like. Parts are warranted for 1 one year from the date of purchase.

Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated Drivers. Install the software as before. However, unauthorized use of this company’s software for commercial purposes is prohibited. If you have any technical problems after downloading the software, AVerMedia recommends users to ask for help directly from your PC manufacturers or distributors who sell the equipment or devices.

Next, Easy Driver Pro searches a database of over capturd98 million drivers and matches missing, corrupt, or ca;ture98 Drivers to the latest, most compatible drivers for your operating system.

The continued use of this website will mean user accept any change.

Review: AverMedia TVPhone98 w/VCR

Within these limitations, though, the TVPhone98 almost qualifies as elegant, and it’s good value for money. After connecting the Infrared Sensor Cable, position the infrared receiver on top of the system unit facing towards you.

Doing video on PCs used to be absolutely bloomin’ excruciating. The information contained in this documentation is subject to change without notice. It is not necessary to remove the drivers.


An hour of frustration and phone calls and Web surfing, for someone who thought that a VCR should work like a VCR, not like the Marquis de Sade’s own intelligence tg.

Here, we’re stuck with more basic systems, like the TVPhone The first time you acpture98 the TVPhone98 or TVCapture98 application, you must perform autoscan to ensure that you can access all active TV channels in avdrmedia area. The Installation Main Screen will then appear: You can also do an “all channel auto-scan” that goes in 1MHz increments from 54MHz to over MHz, and should therefore pick up every channel everywhere, regardless of what your local broadcast or cable channels are.

Use a standard S-video cable.

Quick Start install the card into your PC. Installation Guide 7 Connecting an Audio Cable to the Video Source Purchase an audio cable which has a single stereo connector and dual RCA connectors, as shown in the figure at the right.

On any fairly recent PC, with just about any Windows-supported and fairly recent graphics and sound hardware, the TVPhone does what it’s supposed to do as well as it can be expected to. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to abermedia to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: If you’re in the USA, in one of the regions where it works.