As part of the cost-cutting measures, no operating system CD or system recovery CD is included. Although it is not strengthened by fancy carbon fiber or magnesium alloy, the notebook feels fairly solid. The Cyberlink DVD Solution is simple and intuitive to use, and the suite does provide the basic multimedia functions. The notebook has only a few trial software, Norton Antivirus day trial , Netzero, and First Backup, so I just uninstalled them. Speakers The speakers are located right below the screen, and as expected, they are very weak in terms of depth and volume.

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The notebook has only a few trial software, Norton Antivirus day trialNetzero, and First Backup, so I just uninstalled them.

There is no built-in Bluetooth, so those who want to connect their wireless devices e. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the prompt response from customer service, but again my experience is very averagec. Worried about a defective unit, I sent an e-mail to tech support and within a few hours I received a reply from a technician.

Under heavy uses such as running benchmarks, the fan stays on and churns out a healthy amount of hot air from the vent on the right side, but the system remains stable. Conclusion Although Averatec does cut a few corners to keep the cost down, the AVEH1 is a good and very inexpensive choice for people who need a portable notebook for basic uses.

Averatec 2100 Series Notebook / Laptop Battery 2200mAh (Replacement)

At least Averatec is truthful, the battery is estimated to last for 1 hour 45 minutes, which is what I generally get. Tapping the touchpad simultaneously with two fingers lets you vertically scroll through long documents or web pages.


There is some flex to the keyboard when I type, but the key travel is good.

The screen does not wobble because of the metal hinges under the plastic cover. Obviously the Averatec is not a gaming notebook, but nonetheless here are the results from running 3DMark05 on the Averatec just to prove that fact:.

I chose free shipping, which would normally take seven to nine business days, but my package arrived in just three days. It looks as though they have to be slimmed down to fit into the laptop. It has pretty decent range, and is able to pick up signal from other apartments nearby.

Lid view of Averatec Much to my liking, the all-white exterior finish is very minimalist. External speakers or headphones are vixeo recommended in this case. I have no clue as to where the wireless card is physically.

Averatec keyboard view large image. The bottom also gets warm but it is not uncomfortable to use in my lap, although the position of the vent mentioned above is not ideal.

Averatec Series Review (pics, specs)

Below the touchpad are the mouse buttons, but they are more like cut-outs from the plastic case than real buttons, so they are rather stiff and noisy. Where and How Purchased I purchased this notebook from Buy. Viseo the AVEH1 2010 the lower-powered MT version of the Turion processor, under normal uses, it does get warm in the palm rest areas, more so on the right side than on the left.

Right side view of Averatec view large image. Both the hard drive and the Philips DVD burner are fairly quiet, at or just above the level of the fan.


Averatec 2100 Series Review (pics, specs)

The fan comes on periodically for a few seconds. I purchased this notebook from Buy.

Above the keyboard are five buttons. It is not loud but the low droning hum is definitely audible in a quiet room. Like many other budget notebooks in this class, the case of AVEH1 is built entirely out of plastic. With Wi-Fi off, I get only a few more minutes out of the battery, so that seems to suggest the notebook is pretty much optimized for general performance and battery life. The color and contrast are good, but at maximum 22100, it seems a bit washed out to me, so I keep my brightness at 3 or 4 out of 8.

Although it is not strengthened by fancy carbon fiber or magnesium alloy, the notebook feels fairly averstec. I have a decent desktop which my friend helped me build last year, but I needed a laptop so I could start doing my homework away from my apartment and all the distractions. Front side view of Averatec view large image On the front there are a 4-pin FireWire port, the audio ports, and a set of status LED from left to right, numbers lock, caps lock, scroll lock, hard drive activity, power, battery status, and wireless LAN.

Lid view of Averatec The AC adaptor is also very small and light 0.