If that’s the case it hasn’t been in the past and the wireless worked. I worked with it for 2 days and after calling in to their automated support thing it started working after they “ran a check” on my line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Share This Page Tweet. Retrieved October 3,

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The remaining run from the node to wirelesa network interface device in the customer’s home uses a copper-wire current loop that is traditionally part of the PSTN public switched telephone network.

Board of directors Randall L. Be sure your computer can connect to the Internet by plugging into this modem before adding a router between the computer and modem.

Do I Need a Wireless Router With an AT&T DSL Wireless Gateway?

My old laptop was able to go online but at times when my father decided to go on his desktop, my internet wirelwss would fail. Home Box Office Inc. Yes I know, I should have looked into it back then Then of course my laptop just You may be able to use the router portion with a cable modem but I’m not certain that the router portion is able to be separated.


For information on the program click here. Open a browser on a computer that’s connected to your network with Ethernet not wireless and type Africa France Italy Spain. In short, the modem was absolute crap and I ended up replacing it with a wireless N Billion router which has not dropped a connection since installed well over 3 months ago the 2wire dropped the connection approximately once every minutes.

Archived from the original on March 9, I have G73JH 98ohyeahDec 16,in forum: Service offerings depend on the customer’s distance to an available port in the distribution node, or the central office.

For internet NO as far as using the gateway as a router i doubt that to because dsl uses ppoe and comcast uses dhcp.

They said it’s working when I know it isn’t. Right below that, choose Details. There are more expensive models but I don’t recommending throwing more money at one of these unless you see features you know you need. A few months later on November 30,the service was launched in Houston.

I have had a numerous amount of problems with my Internet and 2wire modem. Retrieved October 3, There’s not a while lot I can tell them to do other then power cycle the devices. Retrieved May 12, RambiscoOct wirelfss, Conditions where higher speeds are still attainable through filters or quality wiring to more than one jack occur less often.


We have to be careful about what is being said here. Back with yet another problem!

Retrieved February 16, Yes you are correct maybe its possible it could work as a router with cable HSI. The PPPoE protocol doesn’t matter to the router component if it can be used separately. CasowenDec 27, at 8: Was your question answered?

Can I use a At&T DSL wifi gateway to use the comca – Xfinity Help and Support Forums –

It’s well worth the small investment. 2wir the four icons at the top select System. Do you know for a fact this will work? SBC announced its plans for a fiber-optic network and Internet Protocol television IPTV deployment in and unveiled the name “U-verse” formerly “Project Lightspeed” [7] for the suite of network services in