Brian Westover Analyst, Hardware. Highly realistic oil painting app with a variety of canvases and brushes to choose. Both are what we’d expect for a tablet in this class, and it’s worth remembering that the base iPad comes with less storage. Acer Iconia W 1. But you could use any Bluetooth device with the ME, so we’d recommend getting a Bluetooth keyboard — though you’ll need some way to stand the tablet up.

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Though that’s not exactly a rare feature, it’s definitely something you’re more likely to find on higher-end tablets than on budget models. We’d also add that most of our photos were free of blur, which is a bit surprising, just because we always felt keenly aware of a little shutter lag.

Accessories, like cover and keyboard, not yet available. Other than that, the rest of the list shouldn’t surprise you: Certainly, the Acer Iconia W can’t do that.

The VivoTab Smart might be one of the most inexpensive Windows 8 tablets on the market, but it also happens to be one of the best-made. The 50 Best iPad Games. To be clear, ass buttons here are still closer together than on your typical laptop keyboard, and the flimsy panel flexes under the stress of more furious typing.

Its black exterior is smart and seems durable enough to be placed in a bag. It allows for faster shutter speeds too, thus reducing camera shake.


ASUS Original Bluetooth Keyboard TranSleeve VivoTab Smart Me 400 C

It’s not that it’s smarr, it’s just that the reflections can be a little distracting and we’d have liked a little more beef in this department. Under the best conditions, the tablet’s 25Wh battery is rated for 8.

This is one of the latter. Asus Transformer Book T Chi. Look and feel The VivoTab Smart might be one of the most inexpensive Windows 8 tablets on the market, but it also happens to be one of the best-made.

Asus VivoTab Smart MEC Review & Rating |

Audio quality on the VivoTab Smart feels like a bit of an afterthought, mostly because the single speaker doesn’t get very loud, and is located on the backside where the sound is at risk of getting muffled. Granted, not all low-powered Windows 8 tablets have this on the hardware itself, but if they don’t, there’s usually at least a USB port included on the keyboard dock.

It’s also an IPS panel — one rated for nits of brightness, at that. Like the other Atom-powered tablets we’ve seen lately, the VivoTab Smart was also unable to run our graphics and gaming tests.

Yes, with four different color options, it looks kind of like that Smart Cover. So what does this mean in terms of everyday use? Not bad at all for a device at that price.

What vivotba get instead is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard — a thin little thing that you can easily shove into a carry-on. We’ve been rather busy cranking out reviews lately, and we’ve got all the usual PC makers to thank.


That is, it would take an extra second before we were totally, without-a-doubt sure that the photo had processed and that we could move on. Yes, it’s as small as you’d expect it to be, which means it’s usually a better idea to left click with a tap instead of trying to squeeze your thumb and index finger on there.

Even after viotab with the VivoTab for more than a week, it still routinely takes us two or three tries to make the tablet sit in its dock without toppling the whole thing over.

It should go without saying, too, that you can use it while charging. We certainly prefer Asus’s approach to that of some other manufacturers that include flimsy port covers.

Brian Westover Analyst, Hardware. But, it handles tracking pretty well, and even supports Windows 8 gestures, which isn’t true of every keyboard we’ve tested. Yes, that vibotab TranSleeve cover snaps on in a manner similar to a Type Coverbut there are no keys attached there. HP Envy X2 gnr. Outdoors, though, that IPS panel and nits of brightness aren’t enough to make the screen easily viewable. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.