This printer was printing so beautifully before all this happened, I am so reluctant to throw it out It was one of the first laser printers available to the mass market. Then 2 more and wait flashing I have a few parts mainly circuit boards from an NT hanging nearby that I can try if I get to know what is what Cable adapter allowed connection to serial [45].

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Someone especially you, Appaloosa Man please help!

This morning, the NTR powered up, allowed me to print a couple of pages, and turned itself off. Where to Get Them http: My only suggestion for him is to contact olde-mac-milt on eBay who specializes in parts for old Macs to see if he has any ideas for getting his NTR to work with the My NTR worked perfectly last night.

Vintage Apple Personal LASERWRITER LS M2000 Laser Printer 1991 Powers on

Eventually, it just dies and never comes back on. Should I assume both hard drives are bad? The last time I went into the NTR there was all sorts of crud in there.


And, thanks, Appaloosa Man That is the first place I would check for surplus resources. Feb 27, Dec 27, 2: Moe at fixyourownprinter must have a huge “junkyard” of printers somewhere.

And look for what?

Personal LaserWriter NTR:Technical Specifications

The exit sensor is on the right side of the fuser assy. Retrieved August 20, Maybe some electronic parts are going down after 14 years of use-my VHS only lassrwriter years of use showed same symptons if closed, laxerwriter start it open,got hot spots on the board,tried to cool down with blowing air,gave up and bought a new one one repair is more money than a new one here.

Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Wiggle the thin black plastic arm and make sure it moves freely.

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Oct 10, 1: The Apple Color Printer was the first color inkjet printer sold by Apple.

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. I have tried both fixyourownprinter. The light on my printer never comes on during the one minute warm up period.

I can’t imagine the NTR could be worth that. Oct 13, 4: If you are not willing to pay a little extra for that convenience, you are always free to not buy them and fix it another way.


Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR

If it passes the second time, your drive now has all good blocks again. Feb 5, 9: User profile for user: I would like it to work laserrwriter multiple copies and long docs If it is not, disconnect the printer port cables, turn AppleTalk Off, and restart your Mac. So when you get an initialization failed the first time, run it again. There is a sort of arm that wiggles ok, attached to a tiny spring behind the rollers you mention. Some folks complain about the cost of his fix-it kits, but they contain just the right stuff for a handy not-quite-professional printer fixer to get the job done, including a movie on lawerwriter or CD.

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