Anaheim Automation is a complete distributor for Lovejoy Couplings. While increasing speed, why do stepper motors lose torque? Stepper motors are wound on the stator poles in either a unifilar or bifilar configuration. In addition, the Hybrid stepper motor is capable of operating at high stepping speeds. Environmental factors such as welding, chemical vapors, moisture, humidity, dust, metal debris, etc.

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When the four phases are energized in sequence, the rotor rotates as it is attracted to the magnetic poles. However, any selection, quotation, or application suggestion for a Stepper Automatoin, or any other product, offered from Anaheim Automation’s staff, its’ representatives or distributors, are only to assist the customer.

Anaheim Automation offers one of the largest stepper product offerings online. The stepped components of a stepper motor are the shaft, rotor and stator laminations, magnets, bearings, copper wires and lead wires, washers, and front and end covers. With friendly customer service and professional application assistance, Anaheim Automation often surpasses the customer’s expectations for fulfilling specific stepper motor and driver requirements, as well as other motion control needs. This design approach takes the guesswork out of motor and driver compatibility.

The microsteps are produced by proportioning the current in the two windings according to sine and cosine functions.

Anaheim Automation M6R6 Stepper Step Motor Driver | eBay

We also offer gearboxes and motors separately, should you not find the size or gear ratio you require.


The Hybrid stepper motor can also be driven two phases at a time to yield more torque, or alternately one then two then one phase, to produce half-steps or 0. Failure to comply with these precautions violates safety standards of design, manufacture and intended use of the stepper motor, driver and controiller.

Today, stepper motor applications are all around mmotor Eight lead motors can run in either parallel or series configurations. Step angles of 0. Sell now – Have one to sell?

This larger magnetic field is what produces more torque. All items are sold as is without warranty unless specifically stated in the posting. Disadvantages of a Stepper Motor. Does Anaheim Automation sell encoders for stepper motors?

Anaheim Automation M6R5 Step Motor Driver T71106

This is a common mistake, so Anaheim Automation suggests using its shielded cable for such wiring purchased separately. In all cases, determination of fitness of the custom Stepper Motor in a specific system design is solely the customers’ responsibility.

Subject to credit approval.

For applications where the wiring from the stepper motor to the stepper driver exceeds 25 feet, please contact the factory for instructions, as it is likely that transient voltage protection devices will be required.

Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.

Changes to a stepper motor once it is shipped can affect its performance and will void its warranty. Additionally, check the age of your stepper motor, as with time and use, stepper motors lose a portion of their magnetism which affects performance.


This in turn causes the current to build faster in the anahdim and is able to produce a larger magnetic field. The stepper motor increments a precise amount with each control pulse, converting digital information into exact incremental rotation without the need for feedback devices, such as tachometers or encoders.

The stepper motor driver accepts the clock pulses and direction signals and translates these signals into appropriate phase curents for the stepper motor. Avoid performing any service to the stepper motor, driver or controller while the power is on, especially in regard to the motor connections.

These rotors are magnetized perpendicular to the axis. Customizing a Stepper Motor Anaheim Automation offers a variety of options to customize the stepper motor.

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See all hi-techstuff has no other items for sale. Estimated on or before Tue. CIMON manufactures a vast line of products designed to supply you with an entire automation control system.

Learn more – opens in new window or tab. Another possibility is that the stepper motor lead wires are of a gauge that is too small. Train Pulse — a series of spaced pulses.