This board has onboard sound but I cannot get the drivers for win 3. I want to do it the right way. Music recorded from card’s FM would interesting to hear too. Users browsing this forum: This is an updated thread on the ALS sound card. Same goes for video cards.

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You may change this file only for special setup. Sierra’s Leisure Suit Larry 3: The easiest way is to type:. This onboard sound is pissing a,s4000 off! Have you tried the card on an even newer board?

They are excellent for newer DOS games. Mainly for midi agance This site hosts no abandonware. It really sucks I cannot use these als sound cards Mtv’s club dead, has dosbox issues also I think. You can change the required settings here: Views Read View source View history. A good plus for the card.

This is great stuff! Most people enable the module setting. I think I will be unable to use this old board Note that the wavetable music is “detected” but I’m unable to invoke the OPL4 for this purpose. Avancw link is dead now and I can’t use my als Avance Logic, Inc. Very little memory footprint.


VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

I bought two sound cards in an auction only to find out after they hung up when the drivers loaded. This disclaimer logjc brought to you thanks to the BSA.

The memory footprint of the ala4000 works either with xms or ems: For drivers older than 0. The previous thread title has been changed because there were other discussions that are of different focus and I thought those matters required a separate thread title.

Note that this control doesn’t have a mute option. I think it locks up after the intro talking, once you get to the fmv game play it poofs.

Avance Logic ALS4000 Asp003 Asound Express PCI Sound Card

Any help or advice? If your card doesn’t have hardware volume control e.

Xcom, The Daedalus encounter, Lands of lore 1, 2, and 3. I want to do it the right way.

Any examples of games you will be visiting for your project? I want to review pretty much all the old ultima and other 2d games and the FMV games like lawnmower man etc.


This board has onboard sound but I cannot get the drivers for win 3. Board index All times are UTC.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. You must use a native mixer program to unmute appropriate channels, for example alsamixer from the alsa-utils package.

For video back in my old pentium mhz days I always liked diamond for some strange reason so I was thinking of getting a Diamond Viper V and maybe a voodoo card for the off chance of a dos game that needs it pogic into my hands?