Hello, I would like to help. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. In the Assign Intruments I have my output channels assigned to the microsoft gs wavetable sw synth using instrument option general midi. PM for more details. I’m guessing it’s either a dodgy cable or the midi from the yamaha is unreliable. Midi Keyboard Setup I’m new to the recodring game and I can’t seem to get my Music Creator to play either through my keyboard or record to a midi track of a project.

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Midi Keyboard Setup

I’ll post an update when I get there. My new lo2 to usb adapter works great with a2j. Has anybody found a decent audio interface that will work with Snow leopard and garageband without breaking the bank?

It might be useful to help diagnose the problem. The channel is 1-general midi.

Anyway, I’ll try and download the Asio drivers and see what that does, meanwhile–I mentioned that I was able to get a mid track to produce recoding result via the pattens in the track resulting in looks like sound waves but the output still the problem. I’m using a Alesis USB interface And if you can tell us what that is and how you have your keyboard connected to it, that might help.

One other quick notewhat about the midi pllayback setting in my windows OS? Oh, and about keyboard settings; your Casio is about the same price and features as my Yamaha, which has no settings. Reply Leave a Reply. I’m using a Alesis USB interface to connect to my computer and keyboard–I’ve armed the track and try to record, but nothing.


What model is the Alesis? If the eBay cable doesn’t work, try the Amazon one.

Michael Nolan June 12, I’ve tried adjusting every sensible setting, to no avail. Ask a question Reset. Alesks may be several issues here, but I’m just not sure wlesis would be the most common.

Garageband will play midi sounds from on-screen keyboard, and from other external midi sources. The output should be set to the Alesis device to hear the sound from your keyboard, unless it’s a MIDI controller, which makes no sounds. I appreciate the effort that you put into this technology to develop this. Wierdon all my MC sample track jam, boogie woogie, etc they use the usb audio device as output of the track and all the audio track I have created are playing back thru the output label io2 in the track.

On the upside ,idi small, light, cheapish and has midi included. I think my original problem was not using a2jmidi.

THis has been working other than the output of the midi recordings, that’s why i think there’s something with the devices selected in the MC interface. Assign Intruments I have my output channels assigned to the microsoft gs wavetable sw synth using ko2 option general midi. Make sure your MIDI cables are connected out to in and in to alsis. I have installed Ubuntu Studio In the Assign Intruments I have my output channels assigned to the microsoft gs wavetable sw synth using instrument option general midi.


Everything is better with pie.

[SOLVED] Alesis IO2 Express midi – problem – LinuxMusicians

Audio works straight off, MIDI is difficult. But getting no signal in.

So has anybody been able to figure out how to get this to work with our downgrading my OS, or do I need to start researching other audio interfaces? After a stretch where it sometime didn’t work, sometimes did, but I never knew what I’d done right, i found that it only recognises the MIDI if you plug it in with the machine already running, but before you launch the program. Go to your new album page, hover the cursor on the image, and copy the Direct Link URL when the dropdown list appears.

The other folks who have been helping on this topic seem to think this is doable midi track recording from the keyboard but I just need to have the correct channel settings, etc