If you’re going to do this regularly, I recommend you get everything set up then save it as a Session template. I think you may have misunderstood my question. I’ve been trying to setup the io2 as best I can: Who is online Users browsing this forum: On the Multimix USB4 page no drivers. I would try those out. Cubase does recognise that it’s there though because when I’ve seen it when I’ve gone ‘VST connections’ then ‘add new bus’ it comes up.

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After that reinstall alesis. Hello, Thanks for posting. Then I slesis them back and it’s all noisy of course, few mins at a time, then clean again.

Cubase does recognise that it’s there though because when I’ve seen it when I’ve gone ‘VST connections’ then ‘add new bus’ it comes up. On the Multimix USB4 page no drivers. Any ideas why it’s not in the list of ASIO drivers?

So, I found a guide to switch the firewire drivers over to SP1’s firewire drivers. Search in titles only Search in Recording Forum only Search. I see that the 4 channel version of the multimix has Asio4All driver link on the spec sheet page.


Please enter a title. Log in or Sign up. Give it a try and let us know if it works.

Have you tried the drivers from the Alesis website? Maybe there is a driver somewhere in cyberland I just read the specs Tried a little bit with asio4all and I am not having any problem yet.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. It helped, asil there were still persistent problems, even with the asio4all driver. Only way for me to tell is purchase a device then try out and if it fails then take it back to sale vendor.

Hitting reset in device setup in cubase fixes it again You could try using ASIO4all www.

Adobe Audition CS6 and Alesis Multimix 8 Firewi | Adobe Community

I’m writing special software to use ASIO for very low latency audio server. Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat.

I can’t speak for the Multimix stuff, but I have the Mastercontrol and it works perfectly. ANY sound that goes through the IO26 is giving me issues.


Strange thing I dont hear it from the monitor headphones, but I see it visually in the waveforms recorded. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

ASIO/USB Alesis Multimix 8 w/SX3 – Ultimate Guitar

This has been a great purchase! The multi mix will more than likely be recognized as a USB audio device by Windows. First day I am randomly getting full noise in the signal being recorded. Official Representatives Bill R.

Alesis IO26 ASIO dropping audio

User Control Panel Log out. I don’t have a clue about who makes the firewire chip on this motherboard I am still using an Alesis IO26 interface. Alesis does not have any drivers on their site.