Has anyone found a solution to this? Do other devices work OK? Submit a new text post. BuddhaPhi Saturday, October 8, at 5: You can create a template and launch from that every time so you don’t have to reprogram the knobs every single time you create a new file, but that’s as close as I ever got to it being “preprogrammed”. If anyone is still out there, I have an issue, i cant use my akai mini midi on the previously opened vst, like ill open kong make something, then open thor, use thor but when i go back to kong the midi wont work, help me rhonda help help me rhonda. I don’t see that problem here, maybe something has changed with the mk2?

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I’ll be glad to share the extended map with anyone who would like to try it out.

However if the Mini isn’t sending the minl messages even after programming, it might indicate something wrong with your Mini. SCF Thursday, February 28, at 2: Copy the files into the folders and you’re away. I believe I’ve fixed this for you in the new version – 0.


Robb Thursday, February 9, at 3: Note that Reason has to be restarted after you’ve got everything in place. Use the data dial to change the Type: There’s actually no need to put the.

Off-White Noise: Akai MPK mini & Reason

Zbieracky Tuesday, July 10, at 8: Are you reasom Reason 6. Subtractor and modify it to map the controls as you prefer. Also, right clicking on any knob in Reason and selecting “Edit Remote Override Mapping” will allow you to assign it to a knob on the controller. I am having the exact same issue as Rueben.

Full credit is given to the initial efforts of this website, of course. You’re a life saver!

Hi William, that’s an odd-sounding problem. Contact me at Buddhaphi at gmail. One thing this seems to be missing is the MPK’s sustain button – not working as a sustain pedal?


Maybe try going through the steps again, one at a time, perhaps you missed something? CEddha Saturday, July 21, at 4: This is how it’s working for me: I’m pretty happy with it so far. This may be a simple oversight on my part, not sure yet. If anyone is able to shed some light on the situation I’d be happy to make mention. Do other devices work OK?


Matthew Thompson Thursday, January 10, at Become a Redditor aakai subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Marc Ainsworth Friday, October 25, at 9: I encourage you to open the files in a text editor and see if you can work out how to do it for yourself.

Why the hell hasn’t Propellerhead got off their asses and done this themselves? Hey meowsqueak and Rueben! Jason Johnson Saturday, February 28, at And if you turn the knob Reason will autodetect. Brian Tuesday, March 12, at 2: Also, I want to set Kong up where the pads are assignable to different drum sounds, but the mapping doesn’t appear to let me do that.