Lastly, with Adams not admitting the problem exists. The second shaft lasted almost 3 months. Your email address will not be published. Again sell Adams and their products are more impressive every year!! A30s I am in no way trying to be a moderator here but you do realize that this forum is for the Adams Insight XTD series of drivers?? Another great driver from Adams.

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By utilizing the advanced shaping and weight distribution of Boxer Technology, we successfully optimized the mass properties for distance first, then forgiveness. Newer model on the way or is this a new price point strategy which sounds bogus to me Either way I am buying one. Great club for playing…an albatros if you start having my problems. It will take a unsight YEARS before we really see the best square drivers… as with all new technology it needs to be tried and improved on for a few years.

This particular one was a 8. Has no feel to it at all. It is worthless now. I got it with a stiff graphic shaft. I will give it a try gof weekend.


I called Adams and they told me to take it an authorize retailer and have them send it to Adams. With it, I consistently hit to yards, at least 20 yards more than my previous driver.

Sessions at the driving range would be unsuccessful in correcting this re-occurring problem. I reckon it must hit the ball long and straight. Though its square I believe it is still has a very sharp eye appeal addams the better player.

One leg and all. Equipment Forum Thread of the Day: News 3 weeks ago.

Few know that many of their club engineers come from Taylormade. I went to Roger Dunn today in search of a new driver my custom one broke.

I would never swap these woods for anything. We both are going to purchase one.

The dealer offered to reset the shaft, or delivere to me a new one out of the box to replace it. I read somewhere that adams had the best results with afams club — ball combo on a swing machine.

I have had this problem with them AND other club makers too.


Today’s Golfer

This is an A3, gllf is 3 years and about 7 drivers old. Luckily it was straight down the fairway, my head went 75 yards, my ball and still I got a bogey on the hole.

Has anyone seen this and if yes, what did Adams do? I thought that since this club had exhibited the same problem twice, it had become a chronic problem. There is no doubt everyone on the tee box will know you hit it well.

I was highly disapointed. Figured the cold made the shaft brittle. I had hoped that the G10 would emerge as my 1 but I find it incredible hard to hit. Just gotta look lnsight look.

Adams Introduces Insight XTD Driver – GolfWRX

Sure, these drivers do look alright. Volume One Hundred Twenty Four. We are playing a 3 day tourney and boy is he in for a surprise! The A3 suits my swing very well.